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PropertyNow Winner 2018/2019 Product Review Award!

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productreview winner

The people have voted… and they choose PropertyNow!

It’s awesome when hard work pays off. You see, PropertyNow has been battling for some time now to bring you top-notch service and a better way for transacting in property.

Our goal has always been to bring you greater choices, healthier competition and an alternative to expensive agent commissions. To put it bluntly… we’ve been working our butts off.

(And it hasn’t gone unnoticed.)

We’re over the moon to have been awarded winner of the 2018 ProductReview Award as well as the 2019 Awards in the real estate category. This is a HUGE deal. Winners are chosen for being the most highly regarded by Australian consumers in bringing the best and most reliable products.

When you look at the numbers…

  • 65,000 participating listings
  • 110,000 reviews
  • 700 shortlisted entries
  • And only 103 selected winners

You can appreciate why we have a smile like a monkey with a new banana right now.

The awards are judged impartially and independently by ProductReview’s editorial and data team. And as they told Sunrise recently,

“Winners are the best of the best as rated by Australian consumers”.

ProductReview puts their reviews through an extensive moderation process to ensure they’re legitimate. Shortlisted entries for the award must have a minimum star score of 4.1. PropertyNow is ecstatic to have received 301 reviews with 93% awarding us the top rating of excellent and a further 5.6% awarding us the second highest rating.

What are consumers saying about us?

The award means all the more considering our humble beginnings as a family-based business operating on a shoestring budget. Throughout the years, we’ve kept to our commitment for hiring skilled, passionate and locally trained staff – a considerable achievement in an industry, which often outsources customer service or fails to provide it at all.

As we told ProductReview when we accepted the award,

“Wowing our customers through service is at the core of PropertyNow’s ethos so it’s incredibly gratifying and an absolute honour to have our efforts recognised as 2017 winner of the ProductReview award in the Real Estate Agents category. We couldn’t be prouder and are grateful that we have such wonderful customers taking the time to review us publicly.”

It’s not always easy being a small player in a competitive industry with the odds often weighed against us. But we’re as passionate and committed today as the day we started. And we’ll continue to deliver the highest level of service, to lobby for your rights to healthy competition and to keep our real estate industry honest.

HAVE YOUR SAY. What more can we do to improve our service and product offerings?

Want to see why we’re the BEST?
Did you know PropertyNow can list your property on all the major real estate websites, and give you all the real estate support you need to sell your own home and help you save thousands in agent commissions? You do now!
Contact the PropertyNow team to learn how easy it is to sell your home without an agent:

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