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Selling a house online? Our easy step-by-step guide shows you how.

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Learn everything you need to know about selling your house online in just 5 simple steps

Selling a house can be overwhelming—and navigating the online property market for the first time is even more so.

We’ve got you covered. Follow our 5 steps to selling your home online like a pro.

Step 1: Prepare.

Before you do anything, you’ll need to get your home in order. De-clutter, tidy up your garden and rearrange furniture, so every room presents well. Want to know more about presenting your house for sale? Click here for 4 staging tips that work.

Step 2: Set your price.

How much is your home worth? You want to get the best price possible, but you don’t want to price yourself out of the market. Here’s 2 easy ways to work out your sale price:

    1. Get an evaluation. A professional evaluation costs between $300-$500. They’re more accurate than a real estate agent’s appraisal because they have no sales motive. Or you can try PropertyNow’s free valuation service. You’ll get:
      • An estimated property value
      • Key property information
      • Full property sale history
      • Listing advertising history
      • Recent comparable sales
      • Area profile and stats.
    2. Research sales prices. What do similar properties sell for in your area? Buy a suburb sales report from a research company like RPData or Australian Property Monitors for a good idea about how to price your own home. You should also keep your eye on current local properties for sale but compare only properties similar to yours.

Remember, you can always adjust your sales price. Buyers are quick to let you know if the price is too high. And if the offers are coming in thick and fast, and buyers are trying to one-up each other, it could mean your price is too low.

Step 3: Pick a platform to sell a house online

Without floating our own boat, we hope you’ll choose PropertyNow.

  • We’ve helped thousands sell their homes online since 2006
  • Your property’s listed on all major real estate portals like and Domain
  • Our honest, reliable, diligent service saves you expensive agent commissions and unnecessary advertising costs.

But we always recommend you research platforms thoroughly to find the best fit. Check out our guide on comparing providers.

Step 4: Hire a conveyancer.

You can buy DIY conveyancing kits, but we recommend hiring a professional to legally transfer your property to the seller (you’ll avoid legal risks). Expect to pay $500 to $1000, including preparing your vendor’s statement (or Section 32).

Step 5: Market like crazy.

Taking great photos and creating a floor plan are both crucial to your marketing plan. For expert photography tips from a real estate profession, check out our blog here. For help with floor plans, click here. Our key tip is to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes—focus on what will appeal to them most and provide a snapshot of what living in the property would be like.

You don’t need to spend thousands on print campaigns these days. Over 80% of Australians research buying property online, so you’ll get great results listing your property on real estate portals like and Domain.

Once you’ve completed these steps, all that’s left to do is grab a ‘for sale’ sign (included free with PropertyNow’s service) so you can create a buzz around your local community.

Step 6: Secure a buyer.

Make sure you’re easily contactable during your marketing campaign. We know, with today’s busy lives, that’s often easier said than done. You could set up a temporary, standalone mobile number so that when it rings, you know it means only one thing – potential buyer!

  • If you decide to run open house viewings, schedule them with other neighbourhood viewings to leverage interest generated by other properties.
  • Or you could do ‘inspections by appointment’ to take advantage of one-on-one with interested buyers and avoid time-wasters.

Step 7: Time to negotiate.

When selling a house online, negotiations begin before you discuss price. When it comes to negotiating a price, keep your bottom line in mind. Find out their best offer – even better, get it in writing. Then you’ve got a place to start negotiations. Learn more about how to negotiate with buyers here.

Step 8: Settlement

When you both agree, it’s time to sign the contracts. Settlement is the last stage of your sale when the buyer makes the final payment and takes legal possession of the property.

Interested in selling a house online? We can help. List your property today—we make it easier and more affordable!

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