What is an agent-assisted sale or rental?

An easy way to think of this ‘no agent’ approach is that you are handling the sale or rental of your property, and we are providing you with marketing, technology and support.
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How it works through the 3 property phases

Prepare to go to market

Prepare to go to market

Open your PropertyNow account

  • It costs you nothing and takes seconds to open an account.
  • Create your property listing before you pay and try us out before you commit.

Create your listing, choose your flexible addons

  • Our Easy Listings Wizard guides you through the process to create a stunning property ad in minutes.
  • Your details are automatically saved at every step.
  • We ensure your copy is error and breach free.
  • Receive your customised sign (and brochures if applicable) in days.

Pay and go live

  • Ready to go to market? Pay securely via credit/debit card, PayPal, internet banking.
  • Have the option to pay back over time with Zip
  • Choose to ‘go live’ immediately and viewers will see your property online within minutes – no waiting for property appraisals from real estate agents!
On the market

On the market

Manage enquiries, open your door to viewings

  • Set your availability for inspections and private viewings, and buyers or tenants can book directly through your listing.
  • Enquires are sent instantly to your inbox.
  • All enquiries logged in our system for future reference.
  • Update your listing 24/7.
  • Your property ad will remain live until sold or leased.
Sold! (or Leased!)

Sold! (or Leased!)

Accept an offer, draw up the paperwork and crack open the champagne!

  • Need support with negotiations? Turn to our team at any time.
  • Let your solicitor take care of the paperwork (if you don’t have one, take advantage of our conveyancing addon and add contract preparation to your cart).
  • Whack up your sold sign.
  • Enjoy 100% of the profit (we take no commissions).

While you’re in the driving seat, we’re here to support you 7 days a week

Our experienced, Aussie team are here to answer your questions and provide support via live chat, phone, SMS and email when you need us. PropertyNow, the smarter way to sell or lease your property.

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Have questions?

Websites we advertise properties on include: www.realestate.com.au, www.domain.com.au, www.propertynow.com.au, www.homes.com.au, www.listit.com.au, www.realty.com.au, www.homely.com.au, view.com.au, www.property.com.au, www.sohoapp.com, rent.com.au, www.thehomepage.com.au, www.property.com.au, www.reviewproperty.com.au, TenantApp, realcommercial.com.au, commercialrestate.com.au, and lease.com.au as well as Juwai (extra cost), Facebook (additional cost), and www.allhomes.com.au (additional cost).

Average times on the market are usually two weeks to three months for selling a property and, at most, 16 days for leasing one. In the current climate, many rentals are successfully leased on their first inspection/within a week). We recognize every property and every local market is different. We want to support you to get the best price possible – whatever time it takes. That’s why PropertyNow there are no time limits whatsoever! Your ad will stay listed until you have the property sold/leased (or withdraw it from the market).

No! There is absolutely no commission payable at any time. Once you mark your ad as sold or leased, you can pocket the savings yourself.

Of course! You can edit any part of the ad except for the address. You can edit anytime, day or night, through your PropertyNow account. Any time you edit your ad, we will automatically export your changes to all the websites you’re listed on, and they’ll display within minutes. We’ll also keep an eye on any edits you make to ensure they are error-free and in continued compliance with real estate legislation and the terms and conditions of third-party portals.

If someone is browsing your listing online they can submit an enquiry online or phone our dedicated buyer/tenant enquiry system. When people submit an enquiry online, our system will automatically retrieve this enquiry and forward it to your email inbox instantly, 24 hours a day. At the same time, we’ll also send the enquirer a confirmation providing your details so that they can contact you directly, and we’ll store the enquiry within your PropertyNow account for future reference.

When people phone, they will be asked to enter the 4-digit enquiry code shown on your ad and will then be given your phone number to call you direct. Our enquiry system services your buyer/tenant enquiry 24 hours a day, seven days a week, giving you peace of mind that no enquiry will be missed.

When someone phones the enquiry system to get your details, you’ll also receive an email notification with their phone number/caller id, and we will store that information within your PropertyNow account for future reference.

If preferred, you can also upgrade to our direct connect service so that when buyers/tenants phone system, the call will be directly transferred to you.

SMS notifications to you or to buyers/tenants are also available for a small extra cost if desired.

You’ll handle the inspections and open homes directly as the property owner.

You can advertise open home times or private inspection booking windows directly through your PropertyNow account. Buyers and tenants can register to attend or book online (you’ll receive booking notifications via email) or by contacting you directly.

We have a variety of guides and walkthroughs about how to prepare for, run, and follow up after open homes and inspections. We can also provide open-home arrow boards, open-for-inspection signs, sign-in sheets, and beautiful brochures to help make the day successful.

If you need clarification on any aspect of running your inspections or open homes, give us a ring, email, or SMS, and we can talk you through it.

Once your buyer is ready to make an offer, you’ve hit the most exciting stage of selling your own property.

Buyers may make an offer in person or writing. We encourage you to get the offer in writing which you can do using our printable offer form. If you prefer to be hands-off, you can also direct buyers to our online offer form. Once they’ve submitted all the details, the offer will be emailed to you immediately.

If you’re on the fence about how to respond to an offer, you can contact us to talk it through. We can also advise you on negotiation tips and strategies when dealing with buyers.

Once you have an offer you wish to accept, contact your conveyancer, solicitor, or settlement agent. They will handle drawing up the contract and any other legal steps to effect the sale. They will also hold the buyer’s deposit in their trust account. If you still need to engage a solicitor, you can book one directly through our platform at the click of a button. If you utilize our recommended solicitors, the entire conveyancing process will be handled online with digital signatures and real-time alerts as updates occur.

If you wish to do your own conveyancing, we can also provide you with the necessary forms to do this (selected states only); however, we do not recommend this.

Once your contract becomes binding, it’s time to pop open a bottle of champagne. You’ve had a go and saved tens of thousands of dollars on commission. The only things left to do are to slap your sold sticker onto your sign and then log in to the platform to mark your property as sold. Nothing else needs to be done on your end. It’s time to kick back, relax, and celebrate your accomplishment.

Yes, PropertyNow is a licensed real estate agency. We are also customers of realestate.com.au and domain.com.au in order to advertise your property. When you list your property, you are granting us authority to advertise your property on realestate.com.au and domain.com.au. Still, we are not directly representing you in your sale the way a commission-based agent would be.

Whatever support you need to get your property sold or leased! We know this is the most significant transaction most people will make. We also know that while most steps are straightforward, it can be a lot to wrap your head around, especially if this is your first time selling or leasing a property yourself. We have a dedicated support team to assist you seven days a week. You’ll never find your questions answered by a chatbot, redirected to a call centre, or someone untrained or offshore. We are fully licensed in real estate in Australia and have been doing this for 17 years. There’s not a question or situation we haven’t encountered before. You can reach us by phone, email, SMS, or livechat – whatever works for you. We also don’t limit how much support you can access. If you need to spend 2 hours on the phone with us on a Saturday morning to prepare to run your first open house – that’s what we’ll do. Please don’t hesitate to contact us as often as you need, any day of the week.

Certainly! If you require any products or services to further enhance your ad (including photography or copywriting), you can book these directly from within your PropertyNow account. We’ll handle the rest. No running around needed!

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