Superior 24/7 Buyer Enquiry System

There is nothing more important than your enquiries. A wonderfully presented house, fantastic images, and slick marketing are all useless if your buyers can’t reach you.

You want to make it easy for your buyers to reach you, not difficult! At PropertyNow, we do just that! We’ve setup a 24/7 phone system with a 1300 number. Buyers simply call it, enter in a 4 digit code that’s unique to your property, and are then immediately given your details. For email enquiries, our system forwards these on to you (instantly and automatically) via email, and can also SMS you the details.

Now in a perfect world, buyers and potential tenants would always use the established methods to make contact. Of course, we don’t live in a perfect world. Sometimes buyers won’t phone our enquiry line but will phone our client support or pre-sales numbers without an enquiry code, or they’ll email directly rather than using the forms on and the other websites, or they’ll SMS us. We maintain an online stocklist with all your details on it so that all of our staff members can instantly put buyers in touch with you – whatever way they enquire.

Shockingly, some of our competitors won’t even accept phone enquiries on your property. Instead, buyers who phone them will get a recording advising them to email instead. Imagine an interested buyer phoning about your property being forced to a long spiel about private selling and then getting an abrupt message telling them to email instead. Even if the buyer does bother to send an email, things haven’t gotten off to a good start.