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How to Find a New Tenant During Covid 19


If you’re looking for a new tenant during the coronavirus pandemic, you might be wondering how successful you can be.

After all, many potential tenants are struggling due to the financial impact the virus has had, it’s almost impossible to arrange viewings and the market feels like it has come to a complete stop.

But that is certainly not the case.

While the social distancing rules and other restrictions mean that we can’t go about things in the same way as we used to, you certainly can find a new tenant during the coronavirus.

Here are our best tips on how you can achieve just that.

Perform maintenance

Get everything into full working order before you start looking for a new tenant so you don’t have to return to the property more often than you’d like. Depending on the social distancing rules that are in operation at the time, you may not even be able to enter.

Go through and replace any light bulbs, fix those dripping taps or broken windows and give everything a lick of paint if you can to get it spruced up and ready to rent.

Be More Germ Conscious

As business owners during this difficult time, we need to be more aware than ever of hygiene and cleanliness.

That’s why you should also make sure that your home has been professionally cleaned to a high standard before you make it available to rent.

Be sure to wipe down door handles, light switches and taps and repeat the process if you have any in-person viewings.

Reconsider Your Pricing

Thanks to the impact the pandemic is having on the global economy, many potential tenants aren’t able to afford the prices that they used to.

That’s why it’s worth reviewing how you price your rental and whether you could reduce your asking amount to help ensure that you can find a tenant.

Remember- at this stage, it could make the difference between being able to pay your mortgage or not.

Create a Video Walk-Through

Social distancing regulations mean it’s harder or even impossible for potential tenants to come and inspect your property, especially if they’re a couple or a family.

However, you can use the magic of technology to create a video walk-through that helps the potential tenant get a good idea of your property.

Although you could do this simply by using your phone, we can help you create a 3D virtual tour as part of our advertising package add-on features . This can be a great option if you’re looking for a professional touch or you’re not comfortable with doing it by yourself.

List Your Property to Rent

Once you’ve done the preparation, it’s time to list your property as available to rent.

Ask your potential tenant to watch your video talk through and ask if they have any questions.

Be careful not to include the words ‘open for inspections’ as this may not be possible, depending on social distancing restrictions.

Also, include a ‘call to action’- encourage the person to contact you if they are interested in renting your property.

Offer a live inspection

To make your rental property more appealing during the coronavirus crisis, you can offer a live inspection via Zoom, FaceTime or another technological tool.

Ask the prospective tenant to guide you and ask if they would like to see any particular areas of the property. Although this might feel like extra effort, it could make the difference between securing that deal or losing potential tenants.


The current coronavirus restrictions mean that finding a new tenant can be more challenging than before.

However, with some careful planning and creative thought, you can overcome any difficulties and help ensure that your rental property provides a dependable income for the foreseeable future.

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