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About Brisbane

Brisbane is Australia’s third most populous city with a population of over 2.3 million. It’s approximately 15,826 square kilometres in size. The predominate age group in Brisbane is 25-34 years with most households consisting of childless couples working in a professional occupation.

Agent commissions in Brisbane

Agent commissions in Queensland are currently the second-highest in Australia. To sell a property with a traditional agent, you can expect to pay around 2.5% – 2.70% plus GST. If you sell with a traditional agent, you’ll also pay additional advertising fees on top of a commission, which can increase your total cost significantly. 

For example, in a competitive suburb like Newstead, the top upgrade available on may be a few thousand dollars. All up, your total cost is likely to be $14,000 – $20,000+ if you decide to sell with a traditional agent. 

Sell your home yourself with the help of PropertyNow and you could pay as little as $794

The real estate market in Brisbane

Brisbane home values were up another 2% in May 2021, taking the market 6.2% higher over the quarter and 10.6% higher over the previous 12 months. The lift in prices is supported by a solid rise in demand, with home sales tracking an estimated 41% higher than the five year average. 

At the same time, advertised industry levels are 28% below the five year average, which means demand is high and is pushing prices higher.

Brisbane dwelling values are up by 10.6% compared to May 2020. This shows an annual growth rate of 2.6% over the past decade.

As of June 2021, the median dwelling price in Brisbane is $574,572 with median house values at $641,727 and median unit values of $411,664. 

Weekly rent is sitting at $460 for houses and $400 for units, higher than the previous year. Gross rental yields are up 3.9% for houses and 5.1% for units.

The average number of days on the market is 25 days on the market compared to an average of 43 days on the market in May 2020.

Coronavirus and the Brisbane property market

The Coronavirus pandemic swept across the nation in the first quarter of 2020, and brought with it some tricky property market conditions. Nevertheless, Brisbane property prices during coronavirus experienced growth, especially in April when the pandemic was in full force.

The trend for property prices in Brisbane remain positive and the fact that they held strong during COVID-19 gives further confidence to the already popular sunny city. As conditions continue to improve, it’s set to build further on this great trajectory.

Selling property in Brisbane without an agent

We’ve had excellent feedback from owners using our service to sell Brisbane properties. In fact, it’s one of our most successful locations for both sales and rentals. 

We do notice that, though Brisbane properties don’t move  quite as fast as most Sydney properties, they experience much higher enquiry rates and faster sale times than owners in regional areas where demand is lower.

Not paying hefty agent fees gives you more room to move on the sale price, and an advantage over similar properties in the market. 

You’ll also know for sure enquiries are responded to quickly as possible and properly followed up! 

If you’re not sure how to price your property, ask us for a detailed breakdown of sale statistics for Brisbane (or a specific suburb) and an estimated value of your property.

Testimonials from clients in Brisbane

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*Authored in January 2020. Please contact us if you require more recent information or advice about leasing or selling a property in Brisbane yourself.

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