A 5-step approach to selling a house without an agent to get the best return


Why spend tens of thousands on agent commissions?

Selling a house without an agent is steadily gaining momentum among sellers who want to keep control of their sales process and bypass expensive agent commissions. And because the internet is thriving with so many helpful real estate resources, you have all the support and information you need to manipulate a successful sale. But just like anything else, you need to prepare. This 5-step process to selling a house without an agent will get you sales ready to ensure the best return.

1. Identify your sales price

Many sellers find setting a sales price one of the most daunting parts of selling a house without an agent, but the truth is, it needn’t be. From professional valuations to property value reports, there are plenty of resources to guide you. PropertyNow provides free valuation reports for your property based on Corelogic data research. 

2. Create a sales angle

Spend enough time studying property ads and you’ll quickly see every property is presented with a sales angle. From an inner-city apartment to a grand suburban mansion, it’s about picking the right angle for your property. This, of course, lies within the type of buyers it’s likely to appeal to. A one-bed studio apartment in the CBD, will most likely attract young, corporate first homebuyers. On the other hand, a 4-bed house in the outer suburbs, is more suited to families. Then of course you can delve deeper adding some personality to your property… renovator’s dream or swanky modern retreat? Urban loft or heritage-listed gem? If you can find a unique angle, it will help your property to stand out.

3. Get your house sales ready

Once you have your angle, you can start preparing and styling your house for sale. Even if you have a renovator’s dream, you still want to present it in its most appealing state. Whether you decide to do major renovations, or just some quick fixes depends on your budget, timing and goals. 

4. Shoot your property

Hopefully by now, your property is looking photogenic to capture some appealing footage. Whether you choose to showcase your home through a 3D virtual tour or still images, this footage will become a powerful part of your sales strategy to attract buyers.

5. Choose your platform

There’s no shortage of online sales platforms to choose from and new options are constantly popping up to challenge existing competition. With an agent-assisted property platform like PropertyNow, you get the support, guidance and tools to sell your own home online, smoothly and successfully. PropertyNow is the first agent-assisted property sales platform to be established in Australia. Our fixed advertising packages include listings across all the major real estate websites, plus little extras such as a professional for sale sign. 

6. Negotiate a sale

Once your property listing is uploaded, you’ll start to receive offers and enquiries directly. Remember, you know your home better than anyone. You’ll be in a great position to answer questions, to talk about the local area and your property’s best features. Learn how to become a skilled negotiator to get the sale price you want.

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