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“I sold this property for $30,000 over the asking price and $40,000 over what an agent told me they would list it for!”

Read Craig’s story below to see the challenges he faced selling privately, why he’ll do it again, and the result he achieved. 

I found PropertyNow excellent to deal with. My email questions were
answered each time promptly and clearly.

I have sold a couple of properties before, but it was quite a few years ago, and technology has moved a bit since then. This property is the second one I have sold through PropertyNow, in the last nine months!

I have six more properties to sell. Each time I’m approached by local Real estate agents who want to take me under their wing and help me (for a conjunction fee, of course!)

One agent rang me to say their client had come to my home open and was interested in making an offer on my house. The agent said, “she is on my database, so if she makes an offer, we will do a conjunction.” I said no. The agent said she had many other clients on her database and would send me their details. If they came to my home open and made an offer, I’d have to do a conjunction with her because they are her clients! My response was not very professional! But, then again, I am just a Bricky!

Selling a property myself after having several sleazy agents sniffing around and knowing I saved close to $20,000 is very rewarding. That’s a lot of beer!

I have just started renovating my next rental property, which should be on the market by the end of the year.

The hardest part about selling a property was dealing with my Bank for the discharge of the mortgage. So if I can give any advice, the moment you have an offer and acceptance, forward it to the Bank and follow up weekly.

When I had the final inspection with the buyers of my most recent
property (a young couple in their late twenties); they told me several friends warned them to beware of buying privately. They also told me they could not have had a better experience. They could not believe how easy I made it and how helpful I was. They have had bad experiences with real estate agents constantly ringing them and putting pressure on them. I told them the difference is that I’m only selling one property, whereas most agents are selling a few. A PropertyNow seller can give the buyer their undivided attention.

I sold this property for $30,000 over the asking price and $40,000 over what an agent told me they would list it for! This offer came in after the first home open, so I left the new owners a nice bottle of Moet with the keys to celebrate their purchase.

Several of my friends who have rental properties that they will be selling in the not-to-distant future are asking me questions about PropertyNow, all I can say is I sing your praises!!

You can put me down as a very happy client of PropertyNow.

All the best, and thanks,
Craig De Lecq Le Montais

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