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“The best part of selling yourself is showing the home yourself to a potential buyer”

Read Blair’s story on how he sold his Northern Territory property privately, leaving him $45,000 better off!

I would like to thank PropertyNow for providing a simple and effective service enabling me to list my property with their online platform. I was able to sell my home, save approximately $15,000 in fees, and get a price I was very happy with – $30,000 above Real Estate Agents’ appraisal. I would highly recommend trying PropertyNow’s service.

The services I used were the online listings, copywriting, highlighted listing upgrade (though in hindsight probably not worth doing as it doesn’t bump listing much) and open home direction signs.

I’ve sold properties before through normal RealEstate Agents and found their services were not very professional and mostly only about getting a quick commission at the seller’s expense.

The best part of selling yourself is showing the home yourself to a potential buyer, as you are best qualified to discuss your property and answer any questions the buyer may have.

The people viewing the property liked getting first-hand information from the owner without having to go through Agents.

It was funny a few times; people thought I was an Agent until I told them I was the owner.

It feels great once you receive notice of the settlement going unconditional. It then really sets in that you have sold your home yourself and, on top of that, saved a lot of money doing it.

I will now pay off a sum on another mortgage and reduce my debt to a manageable amount.

I’ve been asked by a lot of people who wanted to know how hard is it to sell yourself. I’ve advised them all to give it a go. All you have to do is open a door for a stranger who may be your potential buyer.

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