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” We were under offer after 8 days on the market, got the sale price we wanted (1.5M) and had a seamless self selling process “

Amanda and Heidi were a little apprehensive at first but determined to market and sell their home themselves with the help of PropertyNow. Read on for Amanda’s story of selling with PropertyNow.

Q: Amanda could you tell us in your own words a bit about your experience?

We were a little apprehensive at first, but need not have worried as the PropertyNow process was straightforward and there was prompt help or answers to questions when we had them. We sold our lovely home and remained in control and saved thousands of dollars but more importantly did it the way we wanted and followed our vision with the help of PropertyNow, thankyou.

Q: You’re very welcome. Can we ask, what services did PropertyNow provide, that assisted you most?

Ease of access and use to a range of property websites and help with editing etc, signage that was professional and smart.

Q: OK, what was the hardest part for you personally and how did you overcome it?

Selling our lovely home but selling at the price point we wanted with the help of PropertyNow made it worth it! Nothing else was hard at all.

Q: That’s great to hear! What did you love most about the online sign-up and listing process?

Really just that it was so easy to use, prompt and professional.

Q: Thankyou, we’ve worked hard on it. One concern a lot of owners have is dealing with buyers. How did buyers react when they found out you were selling this way, without a traditional agent?

We were surprised that initially most thought we were the agents as we dressed nicely etc..had coloured handouts with key points from the listing we wrote and we also remained outside the property access doors to greet people as they arrived and then leave them to wander through and ask any questions etc as they came out.. of course it was obvious when people asked for contracts as our names are on these etc… but several said they were HAPPILY surprised and even pleased to know they were dealing directly with the owners/sellers. We did not receive any negative responses at all.

Q: We do hear that often from owners, how did selling the property yourself feel? What’s next?

Oh it was definitely the right decision for us, we were able to do it our way and respond immediately rather than through third party (agent). It is empowering…we had a request for several contracts, several offers and accepted an offer we were happy with after just 8 days on the market and exchanged a week or so later. We felt proud of what we achieved with the help of PropertyNow. We got the price point we wanted whilst others similar sat on market or passed in at Auction.

What we do now – well we have now settled, downsized more, and on route to our retirement soon!

Thankyou PropertyNow, we saved around 45-50 thousand dollars on agent fees here in ACT, and that is money better in our pockets then theirs. We are pleased and would highly recommend to others.

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