Top 5 Tips for Selling Your Home


Every home seller wants to achieve the best possible sale price for their property, but unfortunately, it doesn’t ‘just happen’ on its own—it requires preparation and some smart planning.

If you’re considering putting your home on the market and want to know how to ensure you get a great price for it, here are 5 tips for selling your home that will be sure to come in handy.

Our 5 Tips for Selling Your Home for the Best Price

1.    Ensure the property is presented for sale

To get the best price for your home, it needs to be presented looking its finest.

At a minimum, everything needs to be clean, neat and tidy. Any clutter should be removed, the gardens manicured, and any maintenance work completed. However, if you want to achieve top dollar, cosmetics such as painting, replacing old window coverings or updating outdated bathrooms are also likely to make the property more appealing. You may even want to consider staging the home with some contemporary hire furniture that appeals to modern buyers.

2.    Do your research before setting an asking price

It’s easy for a sellers’ sales campaign to come unstuck because their price expectations are way off the real market value of their property.

Asking for significantly more than what your property is actually worth will scare good buyers away, and could potentially leave your property languishing on the market. Instead, obtain a property value report to get a realistic understanding of what your home is worth and price it appropriately in line with the true market value.

3.   Choose the most suitable sales method

Your method of sale can also impact your sales price, so it’s important to choose the most suitable method for your property.

Check what the most popular method of sale is for other similar properties in your area, as this will give you an idea of what generally achieves the best results. Auctions often achieve excellent results when selling in a hot market where there are lots of buyers vying for the property. However, opting to sell by private sale can also achieve an impressive result, with the bonus of lower advertising overheads and greater scope to negotiate on the terms and conditions of the sale.

4.   Perfect your marketing strategy

How you market your property can also have a big impact on the final sales price.

A basic sales campaign should always include online listings on all major real estate websites and a professional ‘For Sale’ sign erected outside the property, but if you want your property to stand out, consider investing in a few advertising extras like retouched photographs, professional copywriting or glossy flyers to elevate your campaign.

5.   Consider selling your home yourself

Even if you’re able to achieve the highest possible sales price, it isn’t worth as much if it’s eroded by exorbitant percentage-based agent fees and commissions.

Rather than handing a large proportion of the value from the sale of your home over to an agent, opting to sell your own home yourself is a great alternative that will ensure all profits stay in your pocket—and it’s not as hard as you might think!

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