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Can You Sell a House but Not the Land?


Selling your home is normally a relatively straightforward process, however, there are some common scenarios where it becomes a little more complicated.

An easement on the block, a covenant, restrictive zoning, an existing lease or structural issues with the property can all make a property sale more complex—but one scenario that’s even more complex is attempting to sell your house without the land it sits on.

But can you sell a house but not the land in Australia? Here’s what you need to know…

Can You Sell a House but Not the Land and Why Would You Want To?

While it’s not a conventional option, it is possible to sell a house but not the land— however the reasons why a homeowner would want to do this are very specific.

While there have been cases around the globe where properties have been listed for sale with a lengthy lease on the land, this doesn’t represent good value for the buyer. Not only would the value of the property itself decrease over time, essentially leaving the purchaser with nothing of value at the end of the lease term, but they would also be very restricted with what they could do with the property.

For this reason, selling under this type of arrangement is practically unheard of in Australia. However, there is one scenario where this does happen—selling for relocation.

What is Selling for Relocation?

Selling for relocation involves selling the house itself to a house removals company who relocate the structure to a new location on the back of trucks, while you retain ownership of the land it previously occupied.

For homeowners that want to build a new home or subdivide their current block, selling for relocation is often a smarter alternative to a complete demolition.

Demolition costs often amount to around $15,000. In contrast, provided the home is deemed suitable for relocation, a removals company may pay anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000 (depending on the type of home) to remove and relocate the property for the owner.

Is Selling for Relocation Right for You?

While this method of sale can make great sense for some sellers, it won’t be right for everyone.

In many cases, your property may simply not be suitable for relocation. The process can also take some time, often up to 6 months, which may not be ideal for some sellers. For many, the smarter option is to sell both the house and land and find an entirely new property or block to build their new home.

If you do decide that selling both your house and land together is the more suitable option for you, we can help.

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