How Can I Contact PropertyNow?

Easily! All of our staff are real people, located within Australia – so you won't get stuck with a call centre. We're one of the most contactable companies you'll find. We can be reached 7 days a week, 9am-6pm QLD time and we have many options available when it comes to speaking with one of […]

How Many Images are Allowed?

PropertyNow don't limit your images., Domain and other websites do have a maximum limit, however. Our site mimics their personal limit, allowing up to 36 Photos and 2 Floorplans.

How do I Mark as Under Contract/Offer, Sold or Leased?

The process is easy, you'll find these buttons available on your dashboard when logged in. – When marking as under contract/offer you can unmark the property with the same button should something change, and your listing will be shown as a regular sale again. – When marking as Sold, the listing will come down from […]

Can I Remove my Listing Temporarily?

For sale listings can be paused at any time. You'll find a 'pause' button within your account for this purpose. Simply press this and follow the prompts. Rental listings can be paused under some special circumstances, please contact our staff if you should need to pause your rental listing. 

Can I Make Changes to my Listing for Free?

Yes! We never charge you to update your listing and you can do this yourself, without needing to contact us. You can make changes within your account 24 hours, 7 days a week. Once saved, changes will feed over to all portals automatically within 1-3 hours.

What if it Takes Longer to Sell?

It doesn't matter if it takes you two weeks or two years to sell your home. Your listing with us is guaranteed until sold. If you're finding things difficult, please get in touch with us. We understand there are many variables which can impact sale time and our team is ready to help you gain […]

Our Local Agent says We Need Him to Sell

Your local agent wants you to list with him, to earn a big chunk of commission. There is no evidence to support the claim that agents are the only people who can sell a property, in fact, there is so much evidence to support otherwise. We have hundreds of successful sales and reviews from Australian's, […]