When Should You Sell Your House? Your Ultimate Guide.

You’ve probably heard that spring is a seller’s market and the best time of year to list your property. At PropertyNow, we believe there are pros and cons to any season, depending on your home’s unique aspects and location.

With this complete guide to when you should sell your house, you’ll be able to list any time of the year.  


Spring is a property seller’s wonderland. Many property owners choose to sell in spring, and it’s easy to see why. Because it’s a seller’s market, there are many benefits to selling your home during these months—but there are cons to be wary about.


  • Increased competition from many buyers in the market puts demand and sale prices up. Everyone loves selling for the highest possible price, right? The more interest your property has, the higher you can set your selling price. There’s no better time than spring for just that.
  • Curb appeal takes off during spring, so show off your garden. Spring is the time your garden shines—it’s prime time to flaunt it if you’ve got it. Let your bulbs do the talking and take loads of garden photos for your listing. You’ll have green thumbs at your door wanting to see more!
  • It’s warming up from those cold winter months, and buyers are in a good mood. Buyers emerge from their winter slumps when the sun shines, and they’re more willing to travel further to find their dream house. This will expand your listing’s reach when regional buyers look in your area.


  • It may take longer to sell, and long-term listings look bad for your property. Lots of sellers choose spring to sell their homes, saturating the property market. While this could do wonders for your sale price, it may take longer to sell than you originally anticipated. Try to stand out from the crowd with your listing and put extra effort into highlighting its features if you choose to sell in spring.
  • A saturated market means pickier buyers. While your home may be jaw-dropping, spring brings an influx of buyers and properties. Having more choice can lead to picky purchasers who, in other months, wouldn’t scrutinise your otherwise beautiful home. Remember, though, more buyers mean you can also be picky about who moves forward with the sale.
  • Spring is hay fever season. The time of allergies is upon us in these blossoming months. Buyers inspecting your beautiful garden may be put off the property because of flowers and pollen. Be sure to list your property with photos of your garden in full bloom, so buyers with hay fever allergies know exactly what they’re walking into.

Here’s more on why spring could be the best time to sell.


Has your home got an abundance of natural light and airflow? You should sell your house in summer! Showing your property to potential buyers in the morning is best for summer sales—it’s nice and bright and not too hot yet.


  • A chance to show off your state-of-the-art cooling system. If buyers come to an inspection and you hit them with a wall of cool, fresh air, they’ll be in summer love with your home. Do note this could quickly become a con if your house doesn’t quite hit the mark in the cooling department.
  • Summer is a great time to sell a property at a holiday destination. People are taking a well-deserved break and in great moods. If you’re lucky enough to own property at a holiday destination, summer is a great time to list, have inspections, and get the word out.
  • Buyers who missed out before the holidays are more eager than ever in the new year. February is a great time to list as those who missed out through the holiday season will itch to take a look. Take advantage of this late summer rush by listing your house for sale in mid-summer.


  • If you sell in summer, that means you move in summer. And that’s not something anyone enjoys. Buyers know this as well, which may put some people off looking for their next property at this time of year. If you’re trying to sell your house in summer, be sure you’re ready for a sweaty move!
  • It’s much harder to sell a property in the suburbs during this time. This is for the same reason a holiday destination property is easy to sell in summer. Everyone’s away and not thinking about moving or investments back home. While they may consider shifting somewhere sunnier or purchasing a holiday house, a home in the suburbs won’t be on potential buyer’s radars.
  • Buyers are broke after the holidays. With trips away and presents to buy, new homes or investment properties are likely to be the last thing on many people’s minds at this time of year. This can prove a challenge for property owners looking to sell over summer.

If you’re set on selling before Christmas, our top tips on how are here.


Well pruned gardens and grand deciduous trees will work wonders for your autumn property listing. Take advantage of these magical months when taking photos of your house. Be sure to plan for the unpredictable autumn weather when planning property inspections.


  • The holiday frenzy is well and truly done and dusted. New year’s resolutions are in full swing, and everyone’s finances have recovered from the gift-buying season. Some potential buyers will get ready to look at the market, making it the perfect time for an autumn sale.
  • Fewer properties to compete with means a faster sale. This is ideal for many sellers who are looking to offload their property ASAP. Be wary that less competition could bring your price down, but if you’re looking for a quick and successful sale, autumn or winter is when you should sell your house.
  • There’s something magical about a change of colour. If your house is lucky enough to be adorned with falling leaves, potential buyers will fall in love with the colourful ambience. However, too much of a good thing never works. Read on to learn how to combat the negative effects of a garden that’s fading away.


  • Easter holidays don’t work well for sellers. People love to take advantage of a long weekend, meaning they aren’t looking at properties. This means fewer properties are saturating the market, driving your prices down. Avoid selling over the Easter holidays to get a better price on your property.
  • The hit-and-miss autumn weather. While it’s a great point for small talk with buyers, the weather in these months is entirely unpredictable. This can make it hard to set the mood for your home, and cancellations for inspections may rise. Get familiar with a weather-predicting site and only make appointments for the nicer days.
  • Falling leaves means more work for you. During the autumn months, your garden is dying back and not looking too fine. The property’s curb appeal drops, and there’s more work ahead of you for each inspection. Avoiding garden duties such as cleaning leaves and pruning plants will lead buyers to notice all the work needed should they go ahead with the sale. If you choose to sell in autumn, this is something you MUST stay on top of.

We’ve got more on why autumn is a great time to sell here.


Winter is the perfect time for cosier houses to show what they’re made for. Potential buyers will fall in love with your property if you’ve got west-facing windows, a fireplace, or a powerful inducted heating system.


  • Fewer houses on the market means selling at a better price. Just as more buyers in spring drive demand and property prices up, fewer houses on the market do the same. In winter, those looking to buy who have little to choose from might have to fork out a little more to secure a property. Check the market before listing, so you’re setting the highest possible price for your property in winter.
  • There’s no better time to highlight your home’s energy efficiency. Show off your solar panels, solar hot water, insulation, and double-glazed windows to potential buyers. All your home offers will tempt those looking for a long-term economic buy.
  • Crisp winter air makes your home shine for what it is. There’s less pollen, dust, and glare during the colder seasons, meaning potential buyers can get a clearer view of your home. Make sure you dust the house thoroughly before inspections, as it’ll stand out more with none in the air.


  • A lack of natural light can make it harder to create appeal. You can offset this by hosting inspections in the evening and using artificial but tasteful lighting to make the place cosier. Take property photos in the early morning with all the blinds open to get as much natural light streaming in as possible.
  • Buyers will be reluctant to make the trip out for inspections in chilly weather. Wouldn’t you be, too? Try to book appointments for warmer days throughout the week, so buyers don’t feel the chill as much.
  • Your garden looks at its worst. Winter isn’t a great time to show off your garden. Things die back. Trees and roses look like bleak sticks, and piles of dead leaves are often strewn over everything.
  • Bad weather can reveal flaws in your house. Leaks, creaks, and drips are more evident in wetter months. However, this can be an issue regardless of the season. If you’re serious about selling the home, deal with major structural problems before listing. Once you’re on top of things, this will make a significant selling point in winter.

Are you looking for more info on selling in winter? We’ve got a winter house selling guide on how to do just that. 

How to know when it’s time to move on.

Even though there’s ups and downs in the property market throughout the year, it’s important to consider yourself, your family and what’ll suit you best.

Here are some questions to consider when deciding if you should sell your house:

  • Got neighbours that just won’t quit?
    Sometimes, no matter what you do, some people are just impossible neighbours. Moving on and selling your home may be the answer to a stress-free life.
  • Has maintenance become too expensive?
    Although you may love your home and location, some issues become too costly to keep fixing. If you’re always digging into your back pocket, it might be time to sell.
  • Is it time to upsize?
    Whether your family is outgrowing your current place, or you need that extra space, upsizing to larger digs is the perfect answer. If you’re feeling cramped, selling could be right for you.
  • Is it time to downsize?
    Don’t spend all your time cleaning spaces you won’t use. You could find yourself with too much space and struggling to keep on top of all the dusting. If your family’s all grown up and you don’t know how to fill those empty rooms, finding something smaller would suit you.
  • Do you need a change of scenery?
    Whether you need an escape to the country or want to be closer to the latest entertainment in the city, a shift may be just what you need. If you’re getting restless or bored with your current situation, maybe it’s time to move.

When to sell? The latest stats.

Recent REA statistical analyses suggest that October, November and December is probably the best time to sell your home. Of these, sales in November Australia-wide are almost 6% higher than in January (statistically, the cheapest month to buy property).

Because spring is when properties look their best in Sydney and Melbourne, the better weather may inspire buyers to pay more. It might also be the case that sellers delay listing the best properties until spring, skewing the stats towards the season’s favour.

Location matters, however. If you live in Melbourne, Sydney, and Hobart, when you list your property might most affect your sale price. Stats show selling at the right time can increase sales prices by 10% or more in these cities.

Elsewhere in the country, it seems you can be more relaxed about when to sell.

Now you know when you should sell your house, we’ve got the next steps here.

It’s less about finding the best season to sell and more about finding how to best present your home to potential buyers.

PropertyNow has the resources you need to feel confident in selling your own house. We recommend checking out these articles for a start:

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