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What are the chances of selling a house in winter?


There’s a widespread belief that winter makes it difficult to sell in today’s property market.

We say that’s simply not true, and here’s why.

Is there really a best time to sell?

In our ultimate guide to selling your own home, we explored when the best time to sell your home is.

We suggested your home can sell well any time of the year—as long as you adjust your research and marketing strategy for the season.

Here’s how to do just that for winter:

Always check the economic and market conditions first.

No matter what season you’re selling a property in, this is always one of the first things you should do when entering the market. With the right knowledge in your pocket, you’ll be able to increase your chances of selling a house in winter.

There’s a lot of info online about current property market conditions, much of it contradictory. However, here are some reliable sources that are a great place to start your research:

  1. Check the latest REA Insights on weekly buyer demand. This snapshot will help you understand the property market, both in Australia and your state. The experts also provide a concise analysis of these numbers, considering current affairs and explaining the reasons behind the graphs.
  2. Research suburb trends and demographics. This can be as simple as setting up searches on popular home-selling websites, such as Domain and Homesales. Search for houses similar to your own in and around your local area for your competition.

Make some adjustments for winter inspections and photos.

And we’re not talking about an entire overhaul here. With a few minor modifications, your house will transform into the perfect winter sale.

  • Temperature. Make your potential buyers comfortable when they visit your home. Now’s your chance to showcase your property’s split system, crackling fireplace (if your property is lucky enough to have one), or inducted heating.
  • Cosiness. We’re talking rugs, cushions, and throws. Having these lying around in photos and inspections makes the property feel safe and inviting. Kmart has a good range of cheap but cosy home décor options that’ll warm your place up in no time.
  • Lighting. It’s no secret that winter has the darkest months of the year. Be sure to take photos of the property at the brightest time of the day with natural sunlight. For inspections, light the place up with stylish lamps and shades.

Browse our blog for more tips on home staging and gardening for winter sales.

The verdict on your chances of selling a house in winter.

A bit of research and a few easy adjustments to your property will boost your chances of selling a house in winter.

And remember, fewer properties on the market isn’t an ominous sign that your property won’t sell—it just means there’s a lot of buyers in the market for a home who don’t have heaps of properties to choose from.

Not only do your chances of selling a house increase in this climate, but you’re also more likely to sell for a higher price in winter.

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