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4 winter gardening tips to boost your home’s selling power

Selling your home this winter? You may not know it, but winter is full of opportunities to create a stunning looking garden.

So it’s a little cold and damp out there. But we Aussies love our gardens no matter the season. We have an awesome climate that allows us to enjoy nature all year round. And gardens are one of our treasured spaces. Create a garden people want to spend time in, and you’ll increase your home’s selling power.

How can you do this in winter?

Keep a healthy looking lawn.

There’s nothing more off-putting than a patchy lawn that looks more like a rugby pitch in midseason. After a hot, dry summer, our lawns are in need of some tender loving care. So add some fertiliser to replace the nutrients and feed your grass roots, and your grass will regain its colour and bounce. Throughout winter, it’s better to keep your grass short so that frost finds it more difficult to penetrate.

The truth is, a well-maintained lawn can look its best during winter – the perfect time to show it off for a ripper sale.

Plant some winter stars.

Many plants become dormant during winter making your garden look drab. But there are a few plants with foliage that become more brilliant in winter, like Winter roses (Lenten, Snow and Christmas roses for example).

Winter roses have no problem with frost and they can look incredible planted in masses, but they tend to like the sun in the cooler months so position is critical if you want them to bloom.

Attract life when everything else is hibernating.

Birds bring colour and life to sleepy, winter settings. They’re more difficult to see in summer through thick foliage and bright colours, so winter offers an opportunity to let your buyers see and watch them in action. And it will make your garden stand out above the others.

Provide a water source such as a birdbath and plant natives that produce food to attract birds to your garden. Talk to your local nursery about native plants that grow in your area.

Create an outdoor haven.

There’s nothing more romantic than curling up outside in the crisp air beside an open fire. If you can show potential buyers you have a garden that can be used all year round, it will add greater appeal. So create an outdoor space with comfortable chairs and an outdoor fire pit or chiminea and let them picture themselves chatting with friends over a glass of mulled wine, or reading their favourite book curled under a blanket beside a roaring fire.

Embellish what winter has to offer.

You don’t need to let your garden lie dormant just because it’s winter. Gardens can look more romantic during winter. So embellish it. You don’t need to spend thousands – it’s often the smaller touches that make the biggest difference in adding value to your home’s overall selling power.

Have any awesome winter gardening tips? We’d love to hear them. Tell us in the comments section.

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