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Get More For Your Home (Private-Selling Guide)

‘Get More For Your Home’ – Join the Real Estate revolution with our best-selling Amazon kindle book, by licensee Andrew Blachut.

It’s not the Berlin wall coming down or a coup d’état in Cuba, but there is certainly a revolution happening right now in Australian real estate. The way that people sell their property in Australia has undergone a once in a lifetime paradigm shift.

Andrew Blachut holding a copy of his Get More For Your Home book in one hand and paper bills in the other

This book, written by our licensee, fills the void in showing you exactly what you need to do to sell your own house with zero commission on the big property portals like Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au. A ‘do it yourself’ approach to selling your own home means paying no commission, and has saved Australians millions of dollars in real estate agent fees and charges.

This handbook shows you exactly how to go about selling your own property. It does this against the backdrop of a fight between a small but feisty company called PropertyNow and a giant real estate website, Realestate.com.au.

Getting a private sale on Realestate.com.au is practically impossible because Realestate.com.au simply doesn’t allow private seller listings. Fortunately, PropertyNow has redefined the FSBO industry in Australia by developing a radical new way to sell a home using a combination of your own efforts, along with those of a real estate agency – it’s called agent-assisted sales. This guide will make you an expert in this process, saving you thousands of dollars.

A private sale has always been possible but with the invention of agent assisted sales it is now surprisingly easy to sell a property with zero commission. A no commission sale doesn’t mean a low quality sale. It means that a real estate agency becomes your partner in selling a house and your listing still gets seen on Realestate.com.au, just like traditional agent listings.

PropertyNow doesn’t just arrange access to Realestate.com.au, Somain.com.au and many other real estate agency websites, but it also educates, advises and supports For Sale By Owner sellers throughout their DIY property sale. The agent-assisted model pioneered by PropertyNow is enjoying extremely rapid growth as property sellers look for ways to minimise the real estate agent fees that artificially inflate the price of properties for sale in Australia.

So read this guide and get the inside information on exactly how to sell your Property Now.

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