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Colour psychology and using it to sell your home


Did you know, the colours in your home can impact the mindset of buyers?

For centuries, people have been fascinated with colours and the affect they have on a person’s mood, mental health and energy. Egypt, Greece and China, for example, have been exploring colours for their healing capabilities for thousands of years.

The colour blue is known to have a calming affect, which can then result in lower blood pressure. Red, on the other hand, can make people more determined, strong-willed and spirited. Green tends to have a relaxing effect and yellow is known to energise and uplift.

So, when it comes to selling your home, how can you use colour psychology to positively influence the mindset of buyers?

Colour and Feng Shui Consultant, Jenny Blume, says it’s all about getting the right mix of Yin and Yang,

“I often come across too many cool colours in people’s homes,” she tells us. “White on grey or white on beige. Ideally, you want a mix of cool and warm colours, of Yin and Yang, to add contrast and depth.”

Jenny has had a fascination with colours since she was a teenager. She now writes columns about interior design for publications such as Woman’s Weekly as well as offering Feng Shui and colour advice for both homebuyers and homesellers.

“Colours can have an instant impact on people’s moods,” she says. Yellow, for example, is supposed to make people more prone to buy. By placing some bright yellow flowers near the front door, you’ll instantly lift buyers’ spirits as they enter your home.”

Jenny believes a lot of it has to do with the climate you live in or the direction your house faces. “If you live in cold, grey conditions, for example, or you have a south facing room, you want to warm things up by incorporating earthy colours such as orange and yellow.”

Colours can be introduced to a room through accessories such as pillows, throws and lamps. So, there’s no need for drastic makeovers to paintwork or carpets.

Picking the right colours also has a lot to do with the age and dynamics of the people your house is set up for.

“Teenagers love aqua,” Jenny tells us . “Aqua is the perfect mix of cool and warm, Yin and Yang because it’s both yellow and blue. It’s also a creative colour and young people respond well to that. Aqua works so well when you bounce it off white or grey. It’s such a versatile, quirky colour.”

When it comes to introducing colours into your home, why not start where your buyers will start – at the entrance? After all, according to Jenny,

Set an inviting tone the minute buyers walk into your home by placing something colourful at the door – a fun mat or wall feature, perhaps – and you’ll instantly create an upbeat, positive energy.”

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