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5 Photography Home-Staging Tips To Help Sell Your Home

One of the keys to setting your home apart from others on the property market in this digital age, is beautiful, crisp and clean photography, that ensures your property looks bright, vibrant and attractive for buyers searching online. Here are a few simple home-staging photography planning tips...

A few questions you should ask yourself to start with are: why did you buy it? What do you love about it? What are its strongest features? What sets it apart? And what type of buyer would your property suit best? 

Now that you’re ready to write, let’s go over some of the big no nos. For starters, you can’t use any formatting like bolding or italics, will just strip it out. You should also avoid cliches, jargon, uncommon abbreviations, overly wordy sentences, and capital letters. Finally make sure you use paragraphs – nobody likes to read an unbroken wall of text!

When you’re ready to write, start with your headline. This needs to jump out at people and make them want to read more Most importantly, your headline should include whatever is the strongest selling feature for your property. 

The rest of the description should be made up of a few paragraphs of text, as well as a short list of bullet points for buyers that prefer to skim.  Make sure that you don’t start off with any boring or repeated information. Instead, describe your property’s key features right at the beginning.  

As you describe, you want to try to paint a picture for the buyer and emotionally engage them. What are the best parts of living here? Is there a particularly lovely place to enjoy a morning coffee? Tell them about it!  Be sure to make use of adjectives as you do this. For example, words like lovely, pristine, gorgeous, spacious, and stunning.

Wrap up your description with 1-2 lines reiterating your biggest selling feature and closing on a strong call to action. For example: A family home in such an amazing location won’t last long so send an enquiry now to book a private inspection!

When you’ve finished writing, read you entire description aloud to make sure it sounds ok and also check it thoroughly for errors as these are very offputting to buyers.

If you stick to these guidelines you should have an awesome description in no time but if you need more help just leave us a comment below or visit us at  that’s all for now guys, don’t forget to Like and Subscribe if you found this video useful. 

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