How to write real estate ads that sell (real life advertisement examples)

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When it comes to writing real estate advertisements, there are a few golden rules…

Not sure how to write real estate ads that sell? It’s a bit of an art, we’ll admit – but not impossible. You have to lure buyers in and convince them yours is a property they want to see. To achieve this, there are a few golden rules.

Firstly, forget you’re the seller and put yourself in your buyers’ shoes. Who are they? Corporate couple? Family? Developer? And what is it about your property that will interest them?

Secondly, forget about selling property – you’re selling a lifestyle.

And thirdly, your ad needs to have structure. This structure includes 4 components:

A headline.

Your headline is vital. It determines whether buyers will bother reading your ad. With this in mind, you need to find a convincing angle. Pick the primary selling feature for your house and use it in your headline. Sea views? Steeped in history? Landscaped gardens? Developer’s dream?

While writing your headline, keep your target audience in mind. There’s no use selling the quaint history of your house, for example, if likely buyers are developers wanting to knock it down.

Once you have your angle, use it to grab attention. Have a look at these 3 real estate headlines, which distinguish themselves from other headlines by offering something unusual.

  • Huge inner city terrace with 2 comfort zones
  • A home of a bygone era made new again
  • Curl up in front of your own cinema

Opening statement.

Your opening statement needs to answer one important question – what are prospective buyers looking at? Describe what your property’s about and why they should be interested. For example,

“This stunning one bedroom apartment in Paddington is currently returning an incredible guaranteed net income of $16,000 per annum.”

This opening statement reveals 4 things – the target audience (investors), the number of bedrooms, where it’s located and the returns they can expect.

Description of features.

Ideally, your description of features needs to achieve 2 things:

1. Revealing the relevant features of your property, including –

  • Number of bedrooms
  • Square footage of the building
  • Land size
  • Garage
  • Location including strong selling points such as schools, cafes, shops, transport
  • Extras such as pool, decking, pergola, fireplace
  • Unique characteristics like art deco ceilings, French doors, Miele appliances
  • Any recent renovations

2. Creating interest.

There’s a huge difference between merely listing the features of your property and getting buyers to picture themselves using those features. For example, don’t just tell them you have a conservatory, get them to picture reading a book while soaking up the winter sunlight.

Compare these 2 ad listings and note the contrast:

3 bedroom house, fireplace, entrance to garden from kitchen, recently renovated.”


You’ll love this charming recently renovated 3 bedroom home. Curl up by the fireplace with your favourite book. Admire the tranquility of your garden from your sleek, European kitchen.”

Remember, don’t just describe your property. Sell a lifestyle.

Closing statement.

This is where you wrap it up and convince interested buyers to react by including a powerful call to action. For example,

“Popular location, stunning property. Make an appointment today – a property of this caliber sells fast. Offers over $1.2 million.”

And there you have it – that’s how you write real estate ads that sell 🙂

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