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People can spend anywhere between $500 and $30,000 when it comes to advertising property. And with a world of marketing options, it’s easy to get carried away. But thanks to the internet, advertising property has never been more reasonably priced or effective.

So, what should you spend on advertising? Where should you advertise? And how can you use advertising to get the sale you want?

Advertising costs: How much should you spend?

The great news is, you don’t need to spend thousands to reach buyers and attract interest for your property. With 80% of buyers searching for property online these days, they have never been more accessible to you. The internet is cheaper than print when it comes to advertising and offers greater bang for your buck because you can get your property in front of relevant buyers directly and engage with them instantly.

At PropertyNow, we offer a competitive advertising package for just $694. This package includes everything you need to sell your home effectively, including your For Sale sign, brochures and listings on all the major property websites. We also offer the option to upscale your campaign through a choice of effective add-ons.

Which house selling websites should you list with?

House selling websites (or property websites) have become the most popular avenue for buyers to research property. This is because of the convenience they offer. Not only can buyers find property from the comfort of their home, they can filter searches to reach the properties that meet their requirements.

Which websites do you want to list with?

All Homes

As Canberra’s leading property website, all homes has an average unique audience of 900,000 and receives over 2 million visits every month – a great website to keep in mind if your property is based in the ACT or Southern NSW, because it’s comparatively cheaper than its larger national competitors.


With over 6 million visitors every month, realestate.com.au is Australia’s largest house selling website. It also offers the option to upgrade to a Featured, Highlight or Premier listing for extra exposure.


Australia’s second largest house selling website, Domain reaches 5.9 million property seekers each month with options to upgrade your listing for extra exposure.

PropertyNow’s competitive advertising package includes listings on both realestate.com.au and Domain, plus 8 other leading property websites. We can also organise to list your property with allhomes if it’s in your best interests.

Still images, video, virtual tour… how should you present your property?

Gone are the days of limited still images on a printed page. Nowadays, you have a myriad of interactive ways to engage buyers and showcase your property’s best features. How you choose to present your home comes down to your budget, location, property and target audience.

For example, buyers looking for high-end properties in exclusive locations may expect a video or virtual tour. On the other hand, these channels may be wasted on a unit suited to an elderly person more comfortable with still images .

If you live in a remote location, it’s not a bad idea to offer a virtual tour of your home so buyers can have a realistic preview before making the long journey to view it in person.

Boosting your ad campaign through social media

Facebook has 16 million active Australian users every month. This is a huge audience to tap into to gain extra exposure for your property. Facebook is visual, interactive and viral. With appealing images and copy, and the right strategy, you can extend your reach to a highly active audience.

PropertyNow offers an attractive social media add-on feature for your campaign. For just $150 including GST, we’ll set up your Facebook Ad, apply targeting to reach relevant buyers and create your property description.

Writing an effective real estate ad

Talk to any copywriter and they’ll tell you, good copy sells. If you want to create interest for your property, you need to lure buyers in with an effective headline, opening statement and property description, while satisfying their curiosity by providing the necessary information.

When it comes to advertising your price, there are some tight regulations. Be wary of underquoting . This is when the advertised price is below your genuine sale price – and it’s illegal in most states.

Including a For Sale sign in your ad campaign

For Sale signs are an affective way of letting your local community know your property is on the market. People not actively looking to buy may see your sign and take interest. And neighbours tend to talk about the events happening on their street and within their neighbourhood, helping to quickly spread word of your sale. It also makes your property easier to find when interested buyers have made the trip to see your property in person.

Signs aren’t expensive and they show you’re serious about selling. Our competitive advertising package includes one professional sale sign and sold sticker, delivered to your door.

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