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Listing your property with allhomes

With over 2 million visits every month, allhomes is a popular website to list your property for sale to increase exposure – especially if you live in the ACT or northern NSW. It’s Canberra’s leading property website, with a loyal following of return visitors.

Who should list with allhomes?

Even though allhomes claim to have national reach, we only recommend listing with them if you’re targeting ACT or Northern NSW homebuyers. Because the bulk of their audience is based in the ACT, they charge a significantly discounted rate to advertise if your home is located in another state.

What does it cost to list?

For properties located in ACT and surrounds, the cost is $1,499 for PropertyNow customers. For listings outside of the ACT and surrounds, it’s  $85. These costs cover your listing until your property is sold. Before listing, you need to consider your options because there may be more competitive alternatives available to you.

PropertyNow can advise you about your listing options to help you achieve the highest reach as cost-effectively as possible. Our competitive advertising package does not include listing with Allhomes, but it does include nine other property websites, including (which has similar reach within the ACT as Allhomes) and as well as customer support, signage and many other benefits. We can also organise to list your home with allhomes if this is in your best interests.

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