How For Sale By Owner WA works: A quick guide.

There are few things in life as financially significant as selling your home. In fact, it could be one of your biggest financial gains—especially in today’s booming housing market. It makes sense that you’d want to sell your home for the most profit possible to help you enjoy the next stage of your life.

The good news is that it’s relatively easy to sell your property yourself. Keep reading for our short guide on how to list a house for sale by owner in WA.

What is the For Sale By Owner WA method of selling?

Sometimes referred to as a no-agent property sale, the For Sale By Owner technique suggests you bypass working with a traditional real estate agency and list your property for sale yourself.

Listing a property For Sale By Owner—also known as FSBO for short—means you’ll realise more profit from your sale than you would if you paid agent commissions, advertising and marketing fees. In fact, it could end up saving you thousands.  

Choosing to list yourself doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. You can still hire independent experts to assist you on your FSBO journey, like a conveyancing solicitor or a property valuer. Services like ours can give you all the information you need to list your property and succeed.

You can also read our handy checklist to make sure you’ve got everything in order before you start process.

Is it even legal to list For Sale by Owner legal in WA?

Yes! Listing a property for sale by owner is 100 per cent legal in WA. You can side-step a traditional real estate agency and list sell your property privately anywhere in Australia.

Selling using the FSBO method represents a smaller percentage of overall property sales in Australia, but that just means there’s even more opportunities for savvy sellers to cash in using this tried and tested selling method.

How much money could you save using FSBO in WA?

Selling your home with a real estate agent means paying out a commission. In WA, with a traditional real estate agent you can expect to pay around 2.3-2.7% commission, plus GST.

Most agents will also charge an advertising fee, typically costing around 1% of your final sale price.

Let’s say you sell your home at the exact median house price of $548, 351. Your commission costs would be between approximately $12,612 and $14,805. Add to that a 1% advertising fee of around $5484, and suddenly your profits have shrunk by more than $20,000.

Compare that to the PropertyNow’s flat fee of $694 for all the FSBO knowledge and tips you need to hit the ground running. You could save yourself decent money by using the For Sale By Owner WA method.

Is FSBO the right option in WA? What does the market tell us?

The residential real estate market in Australia is worth a cool $9.1 trillion, according to RP data. The market is performing well in WA, with properties spending an average of 22 days on the market.

In Perth, dwelling values have increased over the past 12 months by 18.1%. Regional WA prices have surged by 19.9%, more than both the SA and NT combined.

Although dwelling values from September were 2.5% below the record high back in June 2014, dwelling value is up 1.2% in the quarter.

The median price on a unit is $398,502 and for $548,351 a home.

An apartment costs an average $410 per week to rent, while a house rents at $450 per week. Gross rental yields are at 5.3% for apartments and 4.2% for homes—lower than 2020.

Properties are in short supply nationwide. Low interest rates combined with confident and hungry buyers make now an ideal time to consider selling. If you’ve been thinking about trying the For Sale by Owner WA technique, there’s never been a better time.

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