Everything you wanted to know about listing For Sale By Owner in SA.

Have you been thinking about selling your property yourself? You’re in the right place! Here you’ll find all the tips and tricks to list For Sale By Owner SA.

Selling for the right price can help fund the next adventure or stage of your financial journey. It can be one of the most financially rewarding milestones you’ll do in your lifetime.

Keep reading to learn how to list a house for sale by owner in SA and some helpful links to further information, market updates and more.

What is the For Sale By Owner SA (or FSBO) method?

Exactly as it sounds, For Sale By Owner is a method of property selling that lets you sell your home without the help of a real estate agent. Basically, you’ll skip paying agent commissions or expensive advertising that you just don’t need and keep that money in your own pocket.  

You could save literally thousands of dollars!

It might sound a little intimidating, but fortunately, there are plenty of experts who can help you along your FSBO journey. If you haven’t checked them out already, our step-by-step guides to listing your property for sale are a great place to start.

Can I legally list a property For Sale by Owner in SA?

It is 100% legal to choose to list a property For Sale By Owner in SA. Selling your property privately allows you to bypass the real estate agent and keep a greater slice of the profits.

The number of homeowners and property investors that employ the FSBO method is pretty small in Australia, but more sellers than ever are realising it’s a great way to capitalise on their home equity and maximise their profits.

FSBO is a long practiced and perfected technique used to sell property privately, and it works just as well as the more traditional agent-led approach. If you need more support, you can also sign up for all our key FSBO tips, guidelines, and more for a flat fee of $694.

How much money could I save using FSBO in SA?

The property market in Adelaide and SA is thriving. In fact, as of September, dwelling prices are up a staggering 19.1%—that’s the highest capital gain since 2004.

South Australia is unique for selling property because the state has deregulated agent commissions. That means a real estate agent in Adelaide can set their own commission and fee structures. Research tells us that the average commission rate ranges from 1.94% to 2% of your property’s value, plus GST.

Let’s say your agent charges 2% of a median unit priced at $367,079. Their commission would be a little over $7,300. If you sold an average house through an agent, you could be up for more than $11,500 in commission—and that’s before we add on GST.

That’s also not the only fee you’re liable for when you use a real estate agent. Most agents also charge an advertising fee of around 1% of your ultimate sales price. For a unit, you’d pay an extra $3600—if you’re selling a house, that could extend to almost an $5800 more.

We’re not kidding when we say that using FSBO could save you thousands!

Is FSBO the right option in SA? What is the market doing?

A property in South Australia will spend an average of 36 days on the market. Dwelling prices are seeing a current high, gaining 1.9% in September and (as mentioned earlier) an impressive 19.1% over the past year.

Gross rental yields in Adelaide are lower than last year at 3.9% for homes and 5.2% for apartments. Houses currently rent for $440 per week and apartments for $380 per week.

The latest figures take national rental rates 6.6% higher over the past 12 months. Nationally, this is the highest annual growth in dwelling rents since January 2009.

In SA, demand is high, and properties are in short supply. Buyer voracity means it might even be the perfect time to sell by owner in SA and make the most of your property investment.

Is FSBO the right option in SA? What is the market doing?

We’ve cemented our reputation for helping SA homeowners and property investors successfully sell their properties using the FSBO process. We think everyone can benefit from For Sale By Owner SA—and that’s something real estate agents would prefer you didn’t know.

Get the right advice for FSBO success. We’re here to help. Get in touch.