How the For Sale By Owner QLD method works for homeowners

Did you know you can list a house For Sale By Owner QLD without a real estate agent in tow? We offer a complete guide on how to get started.

Deciding to sell your family home is a big decision. Selling property can be stressful but can also bring significant financial gains. It definitely hurts to see that profit slashed by fees.

One way to maximise your profits is by selling your property yourself. 

Listing a house for sale by owner in QLD is possible with the right information under your belt. Here’s our breakdown of how to get started on your own for sale by owner journey.

What is the For Sale By Owner QLD method of selling?

For Sale By Owner (or FSBO for short) is pretty much exactly as the name suggests—the process of selling your property without the help of a real estate agent. You can bypass the agent and list yourself, saving on agent commissions and their often-hefty advertising fees.

You could potentially save yourself thousands of dollars, but you don’t have to go it alone. We can walk you through the process step-by-step with all the information you need to go ahead with listing your property for sale.

It’s also worth noting that you can hire other independent experts to help you along your property sales journey, like a property valuer to determine the best price to sell and a conveyancing solicitor to handle all the legal necessities.

Can anyone FSBO in QLD? Is it legal?

Selling using the For Sale By Owner method in QLD or selling privately is completely legal. Yes, you can choose to sell your home this way and skip relying on your real estate agent.

The FSBO method is still a relatively small portion of Australian real estate sales. Still, as QLD property continues to surge, there are opportunities to capitalise on for savvy investors and homeowners.

With the experience of experts like PropertyNow on your side, FSBO is a tried and tested sales approach that will give you a fantastic outcome.

What does the QLD market look like at the moment?

The QLD housing market continues to increase, rising by 1.5% by September. In fact, in September, Brisbane dwelling values rose by 1.8% and over the past year have risen 19.9%—a record high for the state.

September’s results are 42% higher than an average year, although surging demand is seeing active listings down 33% below the 5-year average.

Record low interest rates coupled with high consumer confidence means experts continue to bet housing prices will continue rising in 2022—a perfect opportunity for sellers.

The median house price in Brisbane is at $709,136, while the medium unit price is at $430,000. Renting an apartment will set you back and average of $420 weekly, whereas a house is $490 weekly. Like many states, rental yields are lower than 2020 at 5% for apartments and 3.7% for homes.

How many $ could I save using the for sale by owner method in QLD?

Match the surging popularity of property sales in QLD with the nation’s second-highest agent commissions topping between 2.5% up to 2.70% plus GST, and you could save a tidy sum if you sell your home yourself.

The current median house price is $709,136, which means you could be out of pocket more than $19,000 for the privilege of using a real estate agent. Compared to PropertyNow’s flat fee of $694 with all the FSBO guidance you could need, that’s a lot of coin lost.

Add 1% of your asking price to pay for advertising, and you’re looking at losing almost $27,000 in fees and commissions on the average house.

Buyer demand is outpacing current supply, making it an ideal time for sellers to capitalise on buyers’ appetites for property. Using the for sale by owner method in QLD could keep you from losing additional profits.

Check out our current FSBO listings.

We accept that we’re slightly biased about For Sale by Owner in QLD, but it’s only because we think it’s a proven process that everyone can benefit from. You can skip the hefty commissions and the real estate agencies and do it yourself with the right advice. 

We’ve spent years building a solid reputation for helping QLD homeowners sell their properties using FSBO, and now we’re here to help you too! Talk to us today.