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How to Sell a Unique House – Top 3 Tips


While every property is unique, some are a little more unique than others. It could be an odd-shaped block, a challenging location, an unconventional floor plan or a different architectural style—whatever it is that makes your property unique, when it comes to selling, your standard sales strategy may not cut it.

If you’re planning to put your property on the market but aren’t too sure of how to sell a unique house, here are some helpful strategies to get genuine buyers through the door and sell your property for what it’s worth.

How to sell a unique house 101 

1. Don’t hide its unique features—use them to your advantage

Sellers always want to show their property in the best light, so it can be tempting to shy away from highlighting those polarising features that might turn buyers off. However, when it isn’t your stock-standard home, it’s important not to.

Use photographs which put the entire property on show to ensure buyers know what to expect before they visit the home. This can help you avoid buyer shock during viewings and will save you a lot of time having to show people around that genuinely aren’t interested in the home.

Remember that what might be unappealing to one buyer could be a major selling point for another, and you’re ultimately looking for that buyer that makes an emotional connection with the property knowing they won’t be able to find anything else that’s similar in the area.

2. Dedicate extra time to chat with buyers

Unique homes appeal to a smaller market segment than other properties, so it’s important to nurture the buyers that do show interest in the home—something that agents rarely do well.

If you’re selling your own home, you have the benefit of years of first-hand experience of living in the property. Not only do you know the history of the home, but you also know the best place to enjoy a morning coffee, where all the local amenities are and what it’s like to live in the neighbourhood.

Taking the time to properly show buyers through the home and share these insights could be the thing that helps them develop the same love for the property that you have and make them want to buy into the lifestyle.

3. Let the market lead you on price

Unique properties can be difficult to price as there may not be any recent comparable sales to guide you.

To work out how to price your home, start off by considering the size of the land and the square metres of the home, as well as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas and parking arrangements. See what other properties with similar statistics are selling for, then balance out your initial price estimate by considering any features which are likely to add or detract from the value of the home along with any necessary renovations buyers will need to make.

It’s important to listen to feedback from buyers you show through the home, and if you notice a big disparity between what you’re asking for and what they’re saying it’s worth, you might need to adjust your asking price.

We’ve helped plenty of others sell their unique home—and we can help you too!

PropertyNow has helped more than 10,000 families and individuals sell their own home, including plenty of unique properties which might normally be considered difficult to sell—but our clients have found time-and-time-again that choosing to sell their unique property worked in their favour.

Take Haley Cartres from our Facebook group for example. Here’s a bit of what she had to say about selling her own unique property with Property Now:

“We found our needle in a haystack buyer – in three weeks! We live in a former asylum turned residential estate and I have long thought agents are not doing this beautiful place justice. Short open houses don’t cut it – people want to explore the gardens, to chat, to unpack the lifestyle. Our final successful buyer spent 1.5 hours walking around with us. Their first offer came in the very next morning and a week later, they increased it again to get the jump on two others.

“I honestly believe a personal tour, genuine insight into the full renovation we did, and information about the uniqueness of the property is what made them fall in love (as did we, when we bought and renovated it as our first home).”

If you’re thinking about putting your unique property on the market, opting to sell it yourself will ensure your sales campaign gets the care and attention it deserves—and you’ll save big on agent commissions too!

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