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Guide to Renting Out Your Home Privately

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With all of the digital and traditional marketing opportunities on offer today, it’s never been easier to advertise your property to rent out privately. But with so much choice, it can be a little overwhelming deciding where and how to advertise.

Here are our top tips to engage the right tenants and secure a successful property lease:

Advertising costs: How much should you spend?

These days, you don’t need to spend thousands to reach suitable tenants. With the majority of tenants now searching for rental property online, they have never been more accessible to you. The internet is cheaper than print when it comes to advertising and offers greater bang for your buck because you can get your property in front of relevant tenants directly and engage with them instantly.

At PropertyNow, we offer a competitive rental advertising package for just $195, which includes everything you need to rent out your home effectively, including:

  • Listings with all the major realestate platforms until leased
  • Our full support 24/7
  • Tenancy application and forms
  • The option to readvertise for free within 30 days of listing should a tenancy fall through

We also offer a choice of effective add-ons to upscale your campaign at any time.

Renting out your home privately using property rental websites

House selling websites (or property websites) have become the most popular avenue for tenants to research property. This is because of the convenience they offer. Not only can tenants find property from the comfort of their home, they can filter searches to reach the properties that meet their requirements.

Which websites do you want to list with?


Focusing exclusively on the rental market, Rent.com.au provides a fast and easy way to list your rental property and find tenants. With approximately 7 million visitors each year, it’s Australia’s leading rental platform. It also offers a set of handy products and tools, such as Rent Bond and Rent Pay, to simplify the renting process for both landlords and renters.


With over 6 million visitors every month, realestate.com.au is Australia’s largest property website. It also offers the option to upgrade to a Featured, Highlight or Premier listing for extra exposure.


Australia’s second largest realestate website, Domain reaches 5.9 million property seekers each month with options to upgrade your listing for extra exposure.

PropertyNow’s competitive rental advertising package includes listings on both realestate.com.au and Domain, plus 8 other leading property websites. We can also organise to list your property with Allhomes if it’s in your best interests.

How should you present your property?

Still images are an essential part of any rental ad campaign. Make sure your property is neat and presented well before taking pictures. Ideally, you should provide an image for each room, the key features of the property as well as a few external images to show the outside of the property and grounds.

If you live in a remote location, it’s not a bad idea offering FaceTime tours of your home. You may find tenants are content with what they see and happy to sign a rental agreement without having to view your property in person.

Writing an effective rental ad

Talk to any copywriter and they’ll tell you, good copy sells. If you want to create interest for your property, you need to lure tenants with:

  • An effective headline
  • Opening statement
  • Property description

Make sure you list all details relevant to your property, including the monthly rental price, no. of bedrooms and bathrooms, key amenities, parking and terms of your rental agreement, to satisfy tenant curiosity.

Rental agreements and tenancy forms

When leasing out your property privately, you’re obligated as landlord to provide and lodge the necessary rental forms and contracts. PropertyNow’s rental advertising package includes all the necessary paperwork as well as step-by-step guides to make sure you’re meeting all of your obligations –

Residential tenancy agreement : a legal rental contract between you and your tenant, detailing the conditions of the lease. There are usually three types of leases; short fixed term (up to 5 years), long fixed term (more than 5 years) and periodic lease (month by month). PropertyNow offer a secure online application submission system to make things super simple.

Condition report: recording the general state of repair and condition of the rental property before the lease commences.

Bond lodgement : for full or part payment of the rental bond. Forms must be lodged electronically or in paper form to the RTBA.

Include a rental sign in your ad campaign

As a special add-on feature for just $65, we can include a professional rental sign to erect outside your property. This will make it easy for tenants to find, as well as stirring local interest and getting the word out your property is up for rent.

  • Digitally printed in full colour
  • Fitted with grommets for easy installation
  • 600mm x 900mm
  • Quality corflute
  • Fully waterproof + UV weather resistant

Follow these tips and you will find it easier when it comes to renting out your home privately. Want to know how you can advertise your property with PropertyNow for just $195? Find out here.

You don’t have to use an agent these days

Did you know PropertyNow can list your property on all the major real estate websites, and give you all the real estate support you need to lease your own home and help you save hundreds in ongoing managing fees? You do now!

Contact the PropertyNow team to learn how easy it is to rent your home without a managing agent

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