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Fixed Price Real Estate Agents—What are the advantages of hiring them?


A fixed-fee, online real estate agent like PropertyNow can really offer you great value for money and here’s why.

As a property seller, you’ve got a lot of decisions to make. One of the most important is selecting the right agent.

If you ask a traditional real estate agent to list/ sell your property, you’ll pay them on a commission basis. In Australia, that means you’ll pay between 2 and 3% of your ultimate sale price + GST—money you could keep in your own pocket.

Or you could bypass the agent altogether.

Using a service like PropertyNow means you can forget about paying any agent fees and pocket all the profits from your sale.

The internet has made a real estate agent’s job easier than ever. Most buyers search for properties online. Many even buy online now that COVID-19 has pushed more services online.

Do you really want to pay the same agent’s commission you would have a decade ago, even though online platforms like are doing the heavy lifting?

Why online fixed price platforms are more popular than ever.

The rise of the digital real estate agent in Australia has changed the property game completely. Now you can get all the information, support and resources sellers you need to bypass traditional commission-based agencies and sell your property yourself.

Although you’ve always been able to sell your house privately, DIY websites like ours let you list your property and market it widely on the internet without using a real estate agent, saving the commission you’d typically pay.

You’ll pay an upfront, fixed fee for access to selling resources instead of paying a percentage of your property’s sale price when it sells.

That means you’ll save a significant amount by choosing an online real estate platform that offers you a fixed fee to list your property and access only the services you need to find a buyer for your home fast.

Let’s do the maths:

In Australia, the average house price is $700,000. If you were to choose a fixed-fee online real estate agent, you’d pay an average of $700 to:

  • List your property on Australia’s top real estate websites (traditional agents might charge you extra for this)
  • Get expert support and resources to help you navigate the sales process (this is included in the traditional real estate agent’s fee)
  • Learn how to market your home (traditional agents will bill extra you for marketing activities). Find out what other hidden fees you could pay here.
  • Discover how to close the sale yourself (instead of getting an agent to do it for you)
  • Access guides and step-by-step instructions on satisfying the legal requirements of selling a property (traditional agents will refer you to a conveyancing expert at extra cost to you).

Choosing to sell your home yourself with the help of a platform like PropertyNow will save approximately $14,000 in commissions and extra costs associated with marketing and conveyancing, based on current average home prices.

What are the pros of working with fixed price online real estate agents?

  1. You pay less. Clearly, this is a significant advantage for any seller. The less you pay in commission fees, the more profit stays in your pocket!
  2. No bill shock. If you’re someone who likes to know exactly what you’re up for, money-wise, this is a great option for you. With a fixed-rate flat fee, there’ll be no surprises and no hefty payouts when your property sells.
  3. You’re in control. Eliminate the middleman and take the driver’s seat. No one knows your property like you, so it stands to reason you’re the best person to sell it. 
  4. But you’re not alone. We’re with you every step of the way, with experts to help you achieve your desired price using a simple, transparent, and customer-focused process.
  5. Easy as pie. You get access to the same real estate info, reports and platforms agents use to attract buyers and sell your home professionally. 

How should you choose an online real estate agent?

Don’t make cost your sole focus when choosing an online agent. Access to local market knowledge, experience and track record should also factor highly in your decision.

How do you choose? Do your research to find the best platform that suits your needs.

  • Costs and conditions vary between platforms, so don’t just pick the cheapest. Make sure you compare all charges, inclusions, and fine print.
  • Check your fee includes a property report for your area to help with setting a price and negotiations. And if you like the personal touch, look for a provider that offers help from actual people with real estate experience.
  • You’ll also want to check that your chosen platform includes professional looking For Sale signs and open house flags.
  • Finally, choose a platform that gives you lots of information about each stage of the DIY process.

Whichever you choose—traditional or fixed price online real estate agent—always shop around and never be afraid to negotiate.

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