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One of the biggest worries when leasing a property yourself is securing a reliable tenant who will take care of the property. Don't leave this to chance! We can do a thorough tenant check for you including checking the tenant against not just the National Tenancy Database but also TICA, depending on your purchase.

The checks under the two databases include:


 - Identity: so that you know they are who they say they are
 - Past rental history: so that you know if they've ever broken a lease, damaged a property or been evicted
 - Rental payment history: to find out if they paid their rent in full and on time in the past
 - Court judgments relating to financial matters: (unpaid bills/rent, Centrelink debt, bankruptcy etc)


TICA is the largest tenant database in Australia and has over 7 million tenant records available.
Your check will search for:

- Negative tenancy history (reports from agents, landlords.)
- Blacklisting (blacklisting from agents, landlords.)

TICA is used to determine if your potential tenant has a negative tenancy history, the reported cause and if they're a suitable tenant. With TICA checks, no report is a good report.