What is a Premiere Property?

A Premiere Property is an upgrade that can be applied to your listing on for the maximum possible exposure. Due to the pricetag of this upgrade on, we recommend trying a Feature or Highlight Property first.

What does the upgrade do?

When you upgrade your listing to a Premiere Property it will always display above/before every single other listing on in your suburb. This means:

– Your property will be at the very top of the search results (on a 15 day rotation.)
– Your listing will be displayed in a giant size, and heavily highlighted in the search results
– Reach a global audience with free international property network included (valued at $430.)

Below, we’ll include some image examples of the various upgrades and how they look visually.
The biggest difference is that standard listings do not have a title bar going all the way across the thumbnail shown in search results and are less visually prominent. You can see a direct comparison in the sample below.

Standard (top left), Feature (bottom left), Highlight (middle), and Premiere (right).

screenshots of PropertyNow listings of various properties

What are the benefits?

Listings with the Premiere Property upgrade receive on average 16 times more views than standard listings in the same suburb. More importantly, they receive on average, 8 times as much enquiries from buyers!

How long does the upgrade last for?

The Premiere Property upgrade can be purchased one month at a time (30 days). After the one month upgraded period is over, your listing reverts to a standard listing on

What is the cost and when can I buy a Premiere Property upgrade?

You can purchase a Premiere Property Upgrade after signup, by requesting an instant quote or ordering from within your account. You can also get an instant quote from within your account area before you’ve even finished your listing. The cost charges varies from suburb to suburb so the best way to determine your own cost is by following the steps above. As a guide, the upgrade can cost several thousand dollars, depending on the competitiveness of your suburb.