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The properties with a floorplan average 30% more interest than those without one. Allow buyers to visualise your property's layout and picture how it could work for them and their furniture with our full-colour floor-plan service.

It’s common for a potential buyer to request a floorplan from a seller, so it’s great to have one ready should this occur. Whether you need a floorplan before your listing goes live or halfway through marketing, our graphic designer has got you covered. Our graphic design extraordinaire can create your unique floor-plan from nearly anything (an old plan or simple hand sketch will do) in under 48 hours.

Your floor plan will include:

 - Portrait or Landscape layout
 - Choice of 5 colour schemes (see examples below)
 - Specific measurements displayed i.e. internal, external or gross floor area
 - X2 Revisions with a visual mockup for your approval
 - Quick turnaround of under 48 hours (for your first mockup)