Why list your property on Juwai with PropertyNow?

Ever heard of Juwai? It’s China’s largest international property website and it’s visited by thousands of Chinese buyers every year searching for property overseas – including Australia.

Why might you want to advertise your home on Juwai?

Well, according to a recent study released by Juwai, as much as a quarter of the 1.2 million Chinese tourists visiting Australia every year could be looking to buy property here. And it’s hardly surprising. Recent taxes imposed by the government on foreign property buyers are basically counterbalanced by the plummeting Australian dollar, which has lost 11.1% of its value against the Chinese Yuan in the last few years. So, a buyer holding Chinese Yuan today needs about $88,000 less in funds compared to 2017 to purchase a property worth $800,000.

Today, Juwai is the largest, most authoritative source for global property in Chinese with over 2.8 million property listings across 90 countries, and the largest Chinese social media community focused on international property.

It’s not altogether easy getting in front of Chinese buyers because websites not hosted in China can be blocked entirely or experience page load times of over 2 minutes. Hosted in China, Juwai gets your property behind the Great Firewall, extending your reach to an exclusive audience of Chinese buyers looking for Australian property.

– 1.5 million visits every month

– Your property in front of the fastest-growing segment of global property buyers

– Sell to a target market who recognise Australia’s potential for property investment – and are willing to pay for it!

– Even better if you’re selling a new-build because there are less government restrictions on foreign buyers

Want even more exposure? We can also help with listing on other Chinese buyer websites including SquareFoot and MyFun.

Advertising on Juwai with PropertyNow

The beautiful thing about selling you r home with PropertyNow is you get our full support and expertise – including dealing with a foreign market who tend to do things differently (not to mention speaking another language).

As Australia’s oldest agent-assisted property sales platform, we know all there is to know about selling property – including recent regulations imposed by the government on foreign property buyers. And we can add Juwai as an extra to our competitive fixed package, getting your property listed on all the top Australian realestate websites while extending your reach to the invaluable Chinese market.

– Draw from our professional knowledge and expertise

– Have your property displayed on all the major Australian realestate websites as well as Juwai – until sold

– Have your ad translated into Mandarin for no extra cost

– Get all enquiries translated into English and forwarded straight to your inbox

– Save thousands in agent commissions

Sign-up with PropertyNow and get your property in front of an eager Chinese audience under our support and guidance