Optional Inclusions for Private Sellers Full enquiry system package! x2 SMS + direct connection

This package is for those serious about their enquiry, and serious about getting sold/leased.

Our full enquiry system package includes
– SMS to the owner upon enquiry
– SMS to enquirers
– The new direct connect system

When purchased in a pack there is a saving of $20 (valued at $120 purchased separately.) See a breakdown of each service below.

SMS Alerts:

Never miss an enquiry with our instant SMS alerts service. For every enquiry you receive (whether by phone or email) we will automatically send you an SMS right away, containing the key details of the enquirer.

This is a great addon for those that:
– Want to ensure they’re reaching every potential buyer/tenant within a quick timeframe.
– Prefer not to check their email as often

SMS to Buyers/Tenants

When phoning, a buyer may not have a pen handy, may take down your number incorrectly or may even get disconnected. Make your buyer’s enquiry smooth and easy by automatically sending them an SMS with your details as soon as they enter your property code.
This will ensure that any potential buyer/tenants have access to your correct, straight to their phone.

Direct Connection

Concerned about callers not reaching you right away? Worried some callers might take down your number incorrectly or give up in frustration? Our industry-first call connection allows callers to be instantly connected directly to you when they call our 1300 number and enter your 4-digit property code. This add-on is great for those who want to hear from buyers/tenants directly when they call, ensuring there’s no delay in reaching you. As calls are connected, we’ll also still send you an automated email notification containing the enquirer’s caller id for your future reference.