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Stand out from the crowd with a 50 pack of our gorgeous, double-sided A5 flyers; printed in full colour on silky paper.

Our graphic design team will do all the work for you, designing your flyer based on your unique property information/images. The flyers will include all your property's key details along with a photo and most importantly, your contact information!

Flyers will include:

 - Two layouts to choose from
 - 6-8 Bulletpoints (depending on template chosen)
 - Short property description/title
 - Property features
 - Contact information
 - 3-4 Images (depending on template chosen.)

See photo examples below:

Your flyers will arrive at your door 5-7 business days after ordered for print - just in time for your first open house or leaflet drop. Please note that how quickly printing occurs depends on the revisions requested on the mockup sent/owner approval to send to print.