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One of the biggest worries when leasing a property yourself is securing a reliable tenant who will take care of the property. Don't leave this to chance! We can do a thorough tenant check for you including checking the tenant against not just the National Tenancy Database but TICA. 

We will check the tenant's:

Identity so that you know they are who they say they are.

Past rental history so that you know if they've ever broken a lease, damaged a property or been evicted

Rental payment history to find out if they paid their rent in full and on time in the past

Court judgments relating to financial matters (unpaid bills/rent, Centrelink debt, bankruptcy etc)


Why do private sellers need a Trust Account? Simply because there must be somewhere for your buyer to place a deposit when they buy your property. Buyers are just fine with buying privately from you but will certainly have a problem giving you the deposit directly. There needs to be a third party to accommodate that.

Not all solicitors or conveyancers have a Trust account. If your conveyancer or solicitor of choice does, then you can have the buyer place the deposit with that company, but if not then we can setup a very inexpensive DIY Trust Account for you.

Not only will your buyer be able to put the deposit in the account until settlement but other parties will be able to login to see the transactions. So the seller, the buyer, the sellers conveyancer, the buyers conveyancer and even the sellers bank, can all be given login privileges. All parties can verify any transactions but of course none will be able to access your money.

This do it yourself trust account is insured, legally compliant and audited. It is also very low cost to set up and use.

Just let us know you want more info and we will give you an email or phone call with more information.

Great looking photos are critical to getting buyers to click through for more information on your property. In fact, according to buyers are 60% more likely to view a listing that has professional photography. Whilst you're more then welcome to do your own photography, if you don't know how, or would like to go the extra mile, we can help!

Great photography

  • Attracts more buyers
  • Increases enquiries
  • Helps secure a higher final sale

Using a professional photographer will ensure you are able to "put your best foot forward" by presenting your property in its best light. Not only with the photographer take the best shots, they'll also do processing after the shoot to further enhance your images.

It's extremely important to know how buyers are engaging with your listing. This helps put you in a position of power during negotiations, or helps you diagnose what's going wrong if you're not getting many enquiries. It also assures you that we're not missing any of your valuable enquiries!

Reports are emailed every week and include:

Total number of views (graphed per day, and broken down into page views, map fly-outs, and photo carousel views).

Total number of engagements which indicate a deeper interest (graphed per day, and broken down into photo views, floorplan views, map interactions, streetview views, profile clicks, video videos, and virtual tour views).

Total number of saves/shares which indicate ongoing consideration (graphed per day, including saves, print pages, social media shared, notes, and send to friends).

Total number of enquiries and other actions that indicate intent to enquire (graphed per day, and broken down into phone reveals, emails, clicks to website, clicks/email requests for directions, reveals and saving of inspection/auction times, views of agent profile, and more).


Whilst we include a standard listing on with our core service, we can also provide access to any upgrade option that offers.