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Forget wasting unnecessary time and money trying to make up your own printed application form. With our core service for rental properties, we include a simple, secure online application submission system.

Tenants can submit a comprehensive application on your listing directly from and As soon as the tenant completes the application, we'll send you a PDF copy via email. Tenants can also print a copy of their completed application, and bring it along with them when they inspect the property.

Applications include tenant's

  • Full personal/contact information
  • Current and previous address
  • Current and previous employment/pension details
  • References
  • Identity and supporting documents
  • Agreement to Standard Terms and Conditions


Apart from listing you on and, when you purchase our core service, we also list you on all the below websites at no extra cost. 

  • Trovitt Australia
  • (rentals only)
  • realcommercial (commercial only)

Obviously, this one only applies to properties that are for lease.

YES! Our core service includes a standard listing on 

We've been subscribing to for years and we get your property on there through our own account, not through any third parties.


Obviously, this one only applies to commercial properties for sale and for lease.

YES! Our core service includes a standard listing on  We've been subscribing to for years and we get your property on there through our own accounts, not through any third parties.

View our CURRENT properties on

View our SOLD properties on

YES! Our core service includes a standard listing on We can even upgrade you to a Featured listing if you'd like. We've been subscribing to for nearly a decade and we get your property on directly through our own accounts, not through any third parties.

View our CURRENT properties on our account

When you create a listing with PropertyNow, you'll be able to download and print PDF brochures to post around your area, or hand out at open houses. Each printable brochure contains all your property information as well as your direct contact details.

Did you know that has a lengthy acceptable use policy? Don't worry, you don't need to wade through it because we already have. We've analysed the policy thoroughly, and speak to about this, and other issues on a daily basis.

Listings that don't comply with the acceptable use policy can be suspended or completely deleted. That's why we have real people checking every single listing update you make (but not delaying it) to ensure it complies with each aspect of this policy.

When there's a problem, we'll instantly correct it to protect your listing, and then we'll get in touch with you about it. Where's policy is unclear or you want to dispute it, we'll speak to them directly to work things out.

We also keep a keen eye out for others errors such as typos, at absolutely no cost to you.

We don't place any bogus limits on how much text you can write in your description, or how many images you can upload.

You can have as much text as will accept in the description field (and most people don't even come close to this)

You can have up to 20 images

You can have up to 2 floorplans

You can have 1 video/virtual tour

At PropertyNow, we give you total control over your listing. You'll have a dedicated, private account area where you can manage all aspects of your listing.

  • You can make unlimited changes to your listing (No fees, EVER!)
  • You can change any aspect of your listing
  • No waiting!You can make all your changes yourself.
  • Changes automatically exported to all the websites we list you on

We understand that your property might take a little bit longer to be sold or rented. Your property might be in a slow moving area, or you might be trying to achieve the very highest price.

We take the pressure off by guaranteeing that we'll support you, and keep your property listed until it's sold or rented. No more fees - EVER!

PropertyNow has staff members in a number of locations around Australia, with someone always online to answer your emails, text messages, and phone calls. You'll always speak to a real person in Australia, and we'll never send your calls to an answering service. Many of our competitors offer what is largely a "set and forget" service, meaning they're available when you want to list with them, but don't offer ongoing support until your property is sold. Some of our competitors limit your support to a certain number of hours, or a certain timeframe. With us, you can get in touch with us as often as you need, for as long as you need.

Dedicated real estate professional

With our core service, you'll be able to call, email, or SMS your dedicated real estate professional anytime. You'll be speaking to someone who's fully licensed and has over 20 years experience in real estate.

No bogus limits

When you pay for our core service, we'll support you until after your listing has been sold or leased. Whether you need help with an aspect of editing your listing, or have real estate questions requiring specialist help - we'll be there. We don't create bogus limits like "2 hours of support during the first month". Rest easy in the knowledge that there's nothing we haven't heard (and helped with) before.

Help when you need it

Our staff are available for extended hours, seven days a week. You can reach us via live chat, SMS, phone call, or email.

There is nothing more important than your enquiries. A wonderfully presented house, fantastic images, and slick marketing are all useless if your buyers can't reach you.

You want to make it easy for your buyers to reach you, not difficult! At PropertyNow, we do just that! We've setup a 24/7 phone system with a 1300 number. Buyers simply call it, enter in a 4 digit code that's unique to your property, and are then immediately given your details. For email enquiries, our system forwards these on to you (instantly and automatically) via email, and can also SMS you the details.

Now in a perfect world, buyers and potential tenants would always use the established methods to make contact. Of course, we don't live in a perfect world. Sometimes buyers won't phone our enquiry line but will phone our client support or pre-sales numbers without an enquiry code, or they'll email directly rather than using the forms on and the other websites, or they'll SMS us. We maintain an online stocklist with all your details on it so that all of our staff members can instantly put buyers in touch with you - whatever way they enquire.

Shockingly, some of our competitors won't even accept phone enquiries on your property. Instead, buyers who phone them will get a recording advising them to email instead. Imagine an interested buyer phoning about your property being forced to a long spiel about private selling and then getting an abrupt message telling them to email instead. Even if the buyer does bother to send an email, things haven't gotten off to a good start.