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In 2018 we helped with more than 700 successful property sales. Many of our customers were so happy with their experience that they decided to share it with us and we couldn’t be more proud. Their stories challenge the myth that you can't sell without an agent and help to embolden Aussie's everywhere to sell their own homes, saving thousands in commission. How much could you save with our help?

Mel just sold with PropertyNow in Fingal, Tasmania. Mel was kind enough to have a bit of a chat to us about her experience selling with PropertyNow for the first time. 

How did you find out about this way of selling?

Mel: I was literally just googling on my phone one day and I thought, I wonder how you went about getting it listed on realestate.com etc if you did sell privately, and that's how I found PropertyNow. So I just went from there. Had a bit of a look at the website; made sure it wasn't a scam, or something funny. Because you just never know with these things. I read the reviews and it all looks good; the price looks good. I said to my husband, “right just have a crack at this.”

Mardi B is another one of our successful sellers. We asked her last week if she'd be willing to chat with us about her experience and she was happy to do so - as well as providing the cutest sold selfie ever!

We're excited to be conducting interviews with current and recently sold clients as part of our 'success stories' series. We love hearing about the the success of our clients and what they learned throughout the process.   Hear all about Mardi's PropertyNow experience below.

Blimey, I did it!!! All by myself... well, no agent, no commission.
Just a few encouraging supporters along the way when spirits flagged. Thankyou.
Friends, listen up - don't give your hard earned cash to an agent to sell your house in the age of the internet. You are perfectly capable of doing it yourself!

Bill H, just sold with PropertyNow in Inglewood, WA. We asked him about the process and here's what he had to say.

We're thrilled to be bringing you another interview with a happy seller as part of our 'success stories' series where we speak with owners who are in the process of selling and those that have recently sold.  Hear all about Bill's PropertyNow experience below.

Deborah Roche, who just recently sold her property in Woronora Heights, NSW, shares her thoughts with us on private-selling and the PropertyNow process.

This interview is part of our 'success stories' series where we speak with owners who are in the process of selling and those that have recently sold.  Hear all about Deborah's PropertyNow experience below.

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Bernie Iriks, who just sold his property in South Perth, WA.
Bernie was happy to share his experience selling with PropertyNow, as part of our new success stories series. 
We hope these stories direct from a previous (and most commonly) first time seller, to you - may both empower and help educate future private-sellers.

Here's what Bernie had to say.

We would like to thank the Team at PropertyNow for all their help, encouragement and professionalism.
Thankyou for always responding promptly to queries and always with cheerfulness. We have been so satisfied with our experience that we will be return customers and have been recommending this company to others.

Karen just sold with PropertyNow in QLD and was able to share some time with us, to chat about her experience.

What did you think about this way of selling?

Karen: "Putting that sold sticker up was a very proud moment. Not only had I saved myself a large sum of money that I could now spend on renovating my new property but I sold it myself with the assistance Property Now. As scary as it may seem I recommend giving it a go. It's worth it."

We have had a positive experience selling through Property Now. We were hesitant at first however with encouragement from a friend who had also had a positive experience we gave it a try. There was always support when needed and I felt more confident as I realised how it all worked. It was easier than I imagined when Property Now would text and email me with a prospective buyer that had contacted them. I would phone the prospective buyer and make a time to view the house. I was able to work it at a time that suited us both for a viewing.

Another super successful sale with PropertyNow. House was under contract after only 5 days on the market to an out of town buyer for $50,000 more than the previous highest price in the street that was sold 3 weeks earlier. The team at PropertyNow are efficient and helpful. This is my 4th time using this website. I will never use a Real Estate agent again

Property Now was recommended to me by a friend. I thought I’d give it a go and even though after 3 months, I was wondering if this property would sell and I did consider listing it with real estate agents, I stood firm and our third inquiry was a winner! Saved heaps and got a good price, all rather easy really. It was not a difficult task to do the work of an agent.

We found PropertyNow to be extremely helpful and a great way for us to sell our property

Sold in 4 weeks!
Thankyou Property Now. loved the simple process and savings we made!

Thank you for your guidance and for helping our family achieve our goal of selling our house without a real estate agent.
We saved THOUSANDS! !!!

Couldn't recommend Property Now more highly! Step by step instructions and staff on hand all the time made this process so easy! Sold in just over 2 weeks and saved ourselves over 12 grand in commissions! Thank you!!!!!! We Can't express how grateful we are for all your help through the process. Was so simple and easy. We already have been and will definitely be continuing to recommend you guys to anyone who is thinking of selling!!

Thankyou to Propertynow as my house sold within 3 days.
The coverage and professional manner in which Propertynow advertised and kept me informed regularly was fantastic.
I will recommend Propertynow to all my friends, Graeme Osborne

I found this site to be very easy to use and access with all leads sent directly to myself. Property was on market for 3 weeks and I got my asking price.
Try it for yourself. You have nothing to lose and only the commission to save

Great service at a very competitive price.
As a ex real estate agent I know that the property was receiving the correct marketing exposure. That is internet marketing - which is King.
All that is required once the correct price, local comparable sales knowledge and the all-important follow-up sales enquiries were strictly adhered to.

After just over two years it was very satisfying to be able to put the SOLD sticker on our sign.
And even more so seeing that all the other houses for sale in Frankland River are with Real Estate agents, one or two having been on the market longer than ours.

Really happy with the team at Property Now.
We can't believe how quick and easy the process was to sell.
We got such a great price and saved big money on commission.
Thanks Property Now we will definitely use you again.

Selling our home through Property Now has been a wonderful experience. Anytime I had questions or was unsure about something Property Now were there to help, to guide, to reassure and to encourage. We have saved THOUSANDS by selling our home ourselves and would highly recommend Property Now and being your own agent to anyone. YAY it's SOLD!!!

Very easy to use and great value for money. Much better than paying for the services of an Agent down here. It sold quicker than expected too! Loved using you guys! We had several enquiries with little effort on our behalf. I really enjoyed sharing the features and benefits of our property personally with each client which I think made the difference. The challenge was a huge development across the road from us had opened up with a large amount of blocks the same size selling for a similar price. There would be at least 20 for sale signs along our road. I was really concerned that this would put people off from buying in the area. So all we did was only use you guys, one sign and it sold quite quickly.

Property Now made it so easy to set up our sale and advertise! We are so glad we did it this way and saved $11000 in fees. Would definitely use them again.