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Excellent service & results

Another successful rental campaign. Leased after the first inspection.

It was so easy using Property Now to advertise and sell my property. The team were extremely willing to help in any way and were available each time I needed assistance. If I had more property to sell in the future, I would exclusively use Property Now without hesitation. Well done Property Now, keep up the good work supporting those who wish to save themselves thousands of dollars in agents fees.

Property Now was recommended to me by a friend. I thought I’d give it a go and even though after 3 months, I was wondering if this property would sell and I did consider listing it with real estate agents, I stood firm and our third inquiry was a winner! Saved heaps and got a good price, all rather easy really. It was not a difficult task to do the work of an agent.

This was an easy and effective process but we used a professional photographer and were readily available to show people through. We had our own metal sign made up.Good value for money and excellent service. Thankyou Property Now for being so helpful.

I was recommended Propertnow by a friend and was sceptical at first. Then I achieved two sales via Property Now. Cant recommend them enough.

Can the property stay on the net for a week with the sold notice on it please?? I found your website very easy to use and will use it again, I already have another property on it!. Thanks Krys Kelly

A very simple and refreshing way to sell a property without the headaches and pushiness of an agent

I was recommended Propertnow by a friend and was sceptical at first. Then I achieved two sales via Property Now. Cant recommend them enough.

Good Service.

very happy with the service, property has been let.

I loved how easy it was to sell my house. The staff on PropertyNow are brilliant, and helped whenever I needed. Even got a call from Andrew on a Sunday morning for some advise and a pep talk. I saved an easy $7000 doing it through the site. Thank you so much.

Successful listing, thank you Property Now

Friendly team and easy to work with. Thank you for your help!

Great to use and produces results!

Very impressed with Property Now for leasing our investment property. We will think of you when its time to sell!

This is my third time using this site - it is the best site compared to the other similar sites. Very easy to use and intuitive.

Really thankful for Property Now providing the online exposure for the sale of our property. Their prompt service in alerting us of enquiries was excellent


We chose to try advertising our rental property through Property now and were extremely impressed with the entire process. We found the team very helpful in answering our queries and very responsive. The process was very straight forward and we had our property tenanted in just a few weeks. We highly recommend Property Now and wouldn't hesitate in using the company to advertise again.

Always good service and results

Great service

Seamless, helpful and very effective.

Such an easy company to work with. They are very friendly and helpful

Great experience and very helpful support staff!

Fantastic and reliable service from the PropertyNow team. Their guide on listing, compiling an eyecatching advertisement and handling inspections were excellent. We decided on a professional photographer and having the place styled after fully renovating the property. I also arranged for the online brochures to be sent to my printers to ensure the presentation on the open days were handled in a manner that the prospective buyers had confidence in the sales process. The response to the listing was extraordinary. Listed on Thursday; first open on the Saturday with 11 groups attending; open on the Sunday with 5 groups despite harsh weather conditions; 2 more private inspections on Tuesday; contract negotiated and finalised on Wednesday!!! Great result!

thank you once again for your great professional service and once again I have been successful in leasing the property and I will be a lifetime client of PropertyNow. thanking you kindly. ken

very good - quick response to queries - sold within 10 days. thanks

Thank you for your help and encouragement. Selling without involvement of a real estate agent has been great. Dealing directly with prospective buyers has been a pleasure. And the extra amount otherwise going to agent fees was a nice bonus.

Fantastic - only way to sell property.

Very good

Easy to use, great service.

Easy to mark a property as leased.

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! SUITABLE TENANT OBTAINED IN 7 DAYS. Property Now is a fantastic website. I have been using their services now for a couple of years. I am a landlord and advertise property for rent on the Property Now webiste regularly. Prospective tenants are happy with Property Now and so am I(Landlord). Thankyou for the prompt, professional and friendly service. CAT :)

I had a very good experience with Property Now. Staff was very helpful. It was easy to find a new tenant for our unit thanks to their service. I will use Property Now again.

Very happy with the website.

The Service was great thanks

Excellent service! The market dictates the price of your home; buyers enjoy talking to the owner, you get direct honest feedback from prospective buyers out surveying the market. The team are very supportive and provide all the tools, materials and skills you need to sell your home. All you need is a good conveyancer in SA who makes up property contracts and the house sells itself. Highly recommend them. Will use property now for all future real estate sales. Thank team you did a terrific job! Kind regards Diana

Second time I have used Property Now. First time to sell my house, sold in 4 days. Now I have rented out a property. In the past I have used Newspaper advertising. Having access to and Domain made letting the property easy. Several people wanted the house at the first viewing. Thank you Property Now. Highly recommend.

Good experience with Property Now.

Successful... Had a good response to advert.

A cost effective way to sell our property.

The Perth property marked is very slow and with the oversupply of rentals on the market every bit helped. I am sure with the aid of the broad net cast by the PropertyNow website and affiliated realtor partner websites, we were eventually able to find a tenant for our investment home. Being able to save my rental property adverts for re-use at a later date will save me a lot of time and effort. A big thank you to the helpful and responsive team at PropertyNow who were quick to respond to my questions via phone and email which made the whole process so much easier.

Great service!!

Fantastic experience, very easy. Assistance always available if needed

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