Real Estate Licence in Western Australia

Any member of the public can perform a Western Australian real estate licence check by visiting the Western Australia Department of Commerce or by using the direct link here to perform a Western Australian licence check

PropertyNow Pty Ltd does not hold a real estate licence in the state of Western Australia. The Licensee of PropertyNow is Andrew Blachut who does personally hold a real estate licence in Western Australia.

Andrew Blachut’s Western Australian real estate licence number is: RA71880

Please do not ever list with any company unless that company carries all 8 (6 state and 2 territory licences)

Holding 8 licences is necessary as there is no national real estate licensing in existence and each state has its own jurisdictions.

Procuring and renewing all 8 licences is very expensive and few, if any, companies do so.

If considering any other company as your agent assisted sale provider, you owe it to yourself to ask that company to provide their license details to you and to also make certain it is not a borrowed license. In other words it should be the same company or one of its staff who holds the license rather than a third party.