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If you are located in Victoria, particularly in Melbourne and wants to sell your property, it is best to know determine market price of a property. In this way, you can fairly assessed your property and avoid under or over-pricing your properties. Remember, you aren't the only one selling a property.

Another important thing to remember is to respond to potential buyers immediately. Aside from proper and professional etiquette, buyers doesn't just ask one seller for a possible acquisition of properties. A seller canvass several properties to determine the best estate that will fit his bill. Thus, it is a best practice to respond promptly.

Another tip is to allow inspections and visitations. Hide any items that may destroy the image of your house, not to mention any items you don't want to sell. Sellers would always want to see and evaluate their future properties, and first impressions always last. Thus, it would be wise to cleanup the property and project them wherein buyer will feel at ease when visiting your property. This will help you convince your buyer to sign the contract.

And if you want to avoid having steep charges or hassle process, there are now several ways in posting your property online. But the best way is through real estate listings, but most of these listings comes with a steep price and strict guidelines.

PropertyNow offers their services to help you list your property through several well known real estate listing website, with no steep or hidden charges. They help you submit your listings and be the one to check any errors from your listings that might lead to cancellation or rejection of your listings. Also, PropertyNow will deliver you any messages from potential buyers promptly.