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If you are located in Tasmania, particuluarly Hobart, konw the specific laws that covers the buy and sell of properties. One particular law, the Conveyencing and Law of Property Act 1884 applies to such circumstances.

One of the requirements based on the above mentioned law is that the selling or the intent to sell should always be in writing. Another provision explains about the land sold that is held by lease: 

?Where land sold is held by lease (not including under-lease), the purchaser shall assume, unless the contrary appears, that the lease was duly granted; and on production of the receipt for the last payment due for rent under the lease before the date of actual completion of the purchase, he shall assume, unless the contrary appears, that all the covenants and provisions of the lease have been duly performed and observed up to the date of actual completion of the purchase." - Section 3.3

Another provision states about the inclusion of conveyancing. Thus, in Tasmania, conveyancing is a must and part of the process of buying/selling a property. Section 6 states what is included in a conveyance of land.

Know what are the different rules and provisions when it comes to purcahing or selling a propertyin Hobart.

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