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Buying or selling a property nowadays is easier because of easy to access information from the web. But the ever present of steep prices and hidden charges made by agents and real estate firms makes it hard for a buyer or seller to sell or buy a property easily. Not to mention the hassle encountered by a buyer and/or seller involved in such transactions.

Such circumstances is the main reason behind the creation of PropertyNow. An Australian based and online company, PropertyNow will help you post your property in different well-known real estate listings, not to mention will help you detect any errors in your listings and correct them to avoid having your listings rejected or cancelled.

Know that selling or buying a property in Canberra are covered by the property laws in Australian Capital Territory. Thus it is advisable to also know the specific laws that involves in selling or acquiring a property in Canberra. One specific law is the Real Property Act 1925 and the Land Titles Act 1925. Another law that would be applicable to selling your own property is the Civil Law (Sale of Residential Property) Act 2003. It will be good to acquire some expert advice to help you in the process of selling your property.