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Our Professional signs are:

  • Made of quality corflute
  • Waterproof
  • Weather Resistant
  • Digitally Printed in Full Colour

Our for sale signs are visually appealing and make no reference to a "private sale" or "for sale by owner". There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that obvious private sales can turn off some buyers. If they see a private sale sign they may avoid the property entirely, or they may ask a real estate agent to become involved. The second reason is that realestate.com.au does not allow private sales on its website, and your for sale sign is likely to be pictured on your realestate.com.au listing!

Tracking codes are emailed to you automatically once your signs have shipped. Whilst are signs generally arrive very quickly, you also have the option of purchasing express post.

Our For Sale and For Rent Signs:

  • Fitted with 4 grommets for easy installation and to prevent tearing
  • 60cm wide by 90cm tall (industry standard size)
  • Always come with a SOLD sticker
  • Digitally Printed in Full Colour

Custom Made with Your Details and Shipped to Your Door - Fast!

Each sign is custom made and will include 1-2 items of text that you choose. Generally, we recommend that this be your primary contact number. You could also put a unit number, your name, or a landline phone number on the signs. Because we custom make the sign to include your own details, buyers can get in touch with you immediately, without having to call us first.

One For Sale sign and SOLD sticker delivered to your door is included with all PropertyNow For Sale listings.  You can get extra For Sale signs or For Lease signs at a cost of $65. This price includes packing and handling, shipping, and GST. 

Our Open Home Arrowboards

  • Folds into a secure pyramid shape
  • Easily secured by placing a brick inside the base.
  • Ideal for properties where groundspikes/pegs are not an option
  • 2 metal grommets in base allowing you to further secure with tent pegs or to tie to fixed point
  • Can be stored flat when not in use
  • Present an appealing and professional image

Our Open Home Arrowboards are available with all listings at a cost of $50. This price includes packing and handling, shipping, and GST. 

Our Open for Inspection Signs

  • 45cm wide by 30cm tall (industry standard size)
  • Feature a wipe clean blank area to write any details you need
  • Come with a Tailor made easy-step sign stake made from strong metal
  • Modern design offering greater strength against wind than traditional options

Our Open For Inspection signs are vertically fluted allowing you to simply slide the sign down over the included metal sign stake which can then be easily inserted into the ground by using the step peg in the middle of the stake. The pair is available with all listings at a cost of $50. This price includes packing and handling, shipping, and GST. 

Don't want our signs?

You can opt out of having a sign entirely if you wish. You can also choose to use your own sign. We will never, ever force you to use our signs. If you want to make or use your own sign, but include our logo on it, we're happy to provide you (or your printer) with hi-res, print-ready copies of our logo so that you can do so.