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Are you wondering "How to sell my house without an agent"? We can help! Our service is a hybrid between traditional (commissionable) real estate, and the for sale by owner/ private selling model. We call this groundbreaking new way of doing real estate "Agent Assisted Sales" and "Agent Assisted Rentals" and we've been doing it since 2006. 

Who does what when selling house without agent?

An easy way to think of this no agent sale approach is that you're handling the sale or rental of your property, and we're providing you with marketing and support.

You will

  •   Enter all the details of your property into our system
  •   Respond to enquiries you receive from potential buyers or tenants
  •   Show interested parties through your property
  •   Make any updates to your listing that you wish

We will

  •   Export your property to the major real estate websites, despite it being a no agent sale
  •   Forward all buyer/tenant sale enquiries to you automatically, whether they be phone, email, or SMS
  •   Be available to talk to you via phone, SMS, livechat, and email whenever you need qualified advice
  •   Provide you with professional For Sale signage (and open house signs if you want them)
  •   Check your ad for errors and breaches of and's terms of service

We can also

  •  Arrange professional photography, copywriting, and floorplans
  •  Conduct Negotiations on your behalf
  •  Market your property on social media
  •  List your property on international websites
  •  Arrange glossy flyers for print
  •  Arrange a trust account for yourself to sell your house without an agent
  •  Create a professional property video for you
  •  Provide listing performance and engagement reports
  •  Provide detailed property and local market reports

How To Sell My House Without An Agent Now

If you're ready to sell house without agent and with PropertyNow give us a call on 1300 664 773 or simply start creating your listing. Unlike other selling platforms, we're so confident that you'll love us that we allow you to fully create your property listing before paying. This way, you can preview our system and make sure you’re happy before committing. Once you're ready to go 'live' give us the go ahead and we'll have your property listing activated within the hour (during business hours).