A guide to For Sale By Owner Tasmania rules

Have you been deciding whether to list your house For Sale By Owner in Tasmania? Here’s how to sell your own home legally yourself.

Selling your home is one of life’s big milestones. It can provide you with the financial freedom for the next stage, whatever that might mean for you and your family.

So, if you’re ready to sell your family home or investment property, what happens next? The most profitable way to do so is to sell it yourself. Here’s why.

What does For Sale by Owner in Tasmania mean?

When you FSBO a property (that is, list it For Sale by Owner), you’re essentially bypassing your local real estate agent and selling the property yourself. Doing so might save you thousands in agency commissions and advertising fees.

Ditching the agent doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself, though. You’ll want to consider hiring an independent valuer to help you set your selling price and a conveyancer to handle the legal minutiae. You can do both jobs yourself, but sometimes it’s easier to call in an expert.

You can also find plenty of help on our website, along with all the information you need to list your property. Here’s a handy checklist to make sure you’ve ticked all the boxes before you start the for sale by owner process.

Is For Sale by Owner legal in Tasmania?

Selling a property without a real estate agent is legal. You can absolutely employ the For Sale by Owner method in Tasmania to sell your property privately. FSBO as a selling method might still be only a fraction of overall Australian real estate sales, but with exciting opportunities in Tasmanian real estate on the horizon, it presents a great opportunity for savvy sellers on.

How much money could I save if I sell by owner in Tasmania?

If you decide to list with a traditional agent to sell your property, you can expect to pay around 2.82% or even over 3% commission plus GST, according to the latest Hobart statistics. Sometimes you can negotiate fees and commissions prior to listing with an agent, so these percentages depend on how skilled you are at setting a better price.

That 3% commission can take a chunk out of your property sale. If you consider an average house price in Hobart is $840,000, that 3% becomes a cool $25,200 handed straight over to your real estate agent.

Most traditional real estate agents also include advertising fees—typically around 1% of the sale price, or $8400 for our example home (we’ll only charge you a flat fee of $694 for our expert FSBO tips and guidelines).

Do you really want to part with around $33,600 of your profit?

What is the Tasmanian property market doing?

It might be the southernmost state, but Tasmania is seeing vigorous growth in real estate. Nationally, there are 1.4 buyers for every property available, and this year, Hobart has recorded the highest growth in property prices across Australia.

In September, median house values rose 2.3% to $840,000, bringing annual gains to a remarkable 26.8%. The median unit price isn’t too far behind, at $750,000.

Buyers are voracious in Tassie, with it taking 33 days to sell a property. Record low interest rates and solid consumer confidence points to prices rising for the foreseeable future. Tasmanian landlords have also benefited from an 11.5% rise in rental yields so far in 2021.

If you’ve considered listing For Sale by Owner in Tasmania, it might be the time to jump in headfirst to help maximise profits.

Look at our current FSBO listings.

Okay, okay. We’re the first to admit we might be just the teeniest bit biased about listing your home For Sale by Owner in Tasmania. You got us! But it’s only because we’re passionate about helping everyday Australians get the maximum benefits from selling their property. 

We’ve spent years decades cementing our reputation for helping Tasmanian homeowners sell their properties using FSBO. Ask us how.