How Can I Contact PropertyNow?

Easily! All of our staff are real people, located within Australia – so you won’t get stuck with a call centre. We’re one of the most contactable companies you’ll find. We can be reached 7 days a week, 9am-6pm QLD time and we have many options available when it comes to speaking with one of our lovely team members. You can get in touch by phone on 1300 664 773 SMS our text support line on 0408 000 552 Click the chat box or use the contact form on www.PropertyNow.com.au while browsing Email us directly at support@propertynow.com.au

How Long has PropertyNow Been Operating?

PropertyNow invented agent assisted sales in Australia in 2006. We were the first of our kind in Australia and paved the way for the other private-selling companies you see today, taking on Realestate.com.au to ensure this new model was allowed. We have been operating for over 14 years, building a strong foundation that you know you can trust.

What Hours do you Operate?

PropertyNow staff work 7 days a week, extended hours to provide you with the service and support you need, when you need it. Our business hours are 9am-6pm Monday through to Sunday, QLD time. We are also open most days of the year, with ghost staff working on public holidays to ensure any urgent matters are handled. The only time we close is for a short period over Christmas, this will not affect activation of new listings.

How Successful is the PropertyNow System?

The system is amazingly successful, just check out the hundreds of reviews from successful sellers and landlords. We’re very proud of our success rate, but we also know that there are always variables. If you overprice your home, it’s simply not going to sell. It’s our job to guide you and offer you the support you need, which is why our team is available to chat, offer free value reports and assist you in getting the end result you want.

I’m Nervous, Is this Legal and Safe?

Absolutely! Selling your own home is completely legal. If anything, what should be illegal is the amount of money traditional agents are charging to open a door. We’ve been helping Australian’s successfully sell and lease their own homes for over 14 years now. We understand you might be nervous if you’re a first-timer, but we’re here for you throughout the entire process, to ensure you feel as comfortable and supported as possible.

Where Do You List my Property?

We list on a variety of websites in our core package including Realestate.com.au, Domain.com.au and 7 other websites until sold! Websites your property exports to dependent on your property type, the following is the list for SALE properties. www.propertynow.com.au www.realty.com.au www.homely.com.au www.property.com.au www.sohoapp.com For rentals and commercial properties, the portals we offer will be different, i.e RealCommercial, CommercialRealestate, Rent.com etc. Please see our leasing, selling and commercial pages for a full breakdown of inclusive sites. We also have additional websites available for a small fee. These include: Allhomes.com.au, Juwai, MyFun etc. If you’d like further information, please speak to one

What Do You Do, Aside from Marketing my Property?

The biggest thing we do throughout the process (aside from marketing you on the biggest Realestate portals in Australia) is offer you all the support you need. PropertyNow staff work 7 days a week and (unlike traditional Realestate agencies) if you need help on a weekend, you can get it. We have both registered and licensed agents available to help you with any important questions or concerns, extended hours every day – meaning when you need professional advice, it’s available to you. In addition to our amazing support, we offer an easy to use platform, ensuring you can update your

How Do You Handle Enquiries?

We have a state-of-the-art phone enquiry system that was the first of its kind for agencies like ours. Potential buyers will ring our phone number, enter a 4 digit phone enquiry code and be given your contact details to call you directly. Our enquiry system services your buyer enquiry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you peace of mind that no enquiry will be missed. When someone phones the enquiry system to get your details, you’ll also receive an email notification. If the persons number is not privately listed, the system will grab the phone number automatically

Is Making a Payment with you Secure?

Yes! We offer many different payment methods to ensure you feel secure. You can pay via Credit Card, Poli (instant bank transfer) or use Paypal if you’re wanting extra security on your purchase. We never charge any additional fees, rebill or hit you with any hidden costs. Your total at check-out is all you’re paying, period.

Will I be Billed Again After I Pay?

NO! This is an easy one. We pride ourselves on no ongoing fees, no hidden costs, commissions or any nasty surprises. The price that you see with us is the price you’re going to pay. $694 until sold or $155 until leased, means just that. You aren’t going to see any new charges from us on your card, or a different figure at the checkout (unless you’ve selected an additional, addon service.)

Can you get on Realestate.com.au as a Private Sale?

It’s true that private sales are not allowed on realestate.com.au – unless through a Licensed real estate agent (such as PropertyNow) and by using a methodology like PropertyNow does. They allow PropertyNow’s listings, which are agent assisted sales. They do not permit Private Sales or any sales that are not through a real estate agency. After pressure from PropertyNow in 2011, realestate.com.au completely changed its view about the acceptability of what PropertyNow does – i.e. that private sales were acceptable via the system that PropertyNow uses. Realestate.com.au is completely aware of the PropertyNow business model and your listing is absolutely

Will I Pay Commission When Using PropertyNow to Access All These Sites?

#commissions No! When we say one fee, we mean one fee. When a sale is made using our services, absolutely no commission is payable. We only charge a very small upfront marketing fee, which covers our costs to provide you with the services we do. There are no hidden charges and definitely no real estate agent commission payable upon sale.

I’ve Never Done This, Can you Help with Advice? Eg: Offers etc.

It is important to understand that although our staff are trained and knowledgeable, they are not legal representatives. However, it is our pleasure to provide free, non-legal, general advice to you at any time. We also have resources on our site, including guides and video tutorials, that can assist with many queries you may have. It’s important to us that our clients know they can trust us and reach us when they need to. We’ll be here to phone for a chat if you are unsure about anything, we have a great team including registered and licensed agents. Andrew, the

What is a Realestate.com.au Upgrade and do I get one?

We put your property on a lot of sites, the biggest being Realestate.com.au. Your listing with us will be a standard listing, which is usually fine for most sellers/lessors. Basically, Realestate.com.au provides what’s called ‘Upgrades’ at additional cost, based on your suburb. The upgrades that are available are Premiere, Highlight and Feature upgrades. Traditional agency’s will usually include an upgrade in your fees. This is because you’re paying a great deal extra in both marketing fees and commission. As we only charge a small flat fee and want to keep costs low for our clients, we never force an upgrade

How Long Will it Take to Get my Listing Live?

We’re very quick at what we do! Once submitted, staff will check over and complete the admin on your new order. Once this is done, providing everything has been completed (including proof of ownership) we can approve your listing, usually within the hour. Once approved, your listing will be live on all portals within 1-3 hours. You will also have the option when finalising your listing, to select a different activation date or to simply let us know when ready. Please note: Listings are approved Monday-Sunday within business hours, 9am-6pm QLD time.

Can I Start my Listing Now, and Finish it Later?

Yes! When completing your new listing, you’ll see a ‘save for later’ button. All you need to do is click this one, to save any information you’ve input up until now. You can log back in and return to where you were later, at any time.

Is a Sign Included?

Yes! Our sale package includes a For Sale sign. Our sale signs are industry standard and will be shipped free of charge, upon completion of your order. These will look like a regular Real Estate sign, with your own phone contact. – Fitted with 4 grommets for easy installation and to prevent tearing – 60cm wide by 90cm tall (industry standard size) – Include a SOLD sticker Please note: Rental listings do not include a sign, however, this can be purchased at an additional cost.

When will my Sign Arrive?

Your inclusive sign will be printed and dispatched after payment, Monday to Friday – if ordered before 11.30am NSW time. Signs are shipped via Australia post from NSW. Arrival time will depend on your state, time and day ordered, if express post was selected and how quickly Australia Post processes the order through. A tracking number will be issued to you after dispatch. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee arrival times. Please remember to take into account weekends and any public holidays when awaiting your order.

My Property is Rural, Does this Matter?

Definitely not. There is no difference in cost for regional areas, nor do we charge any additional fees for shipping or signage. The process for selling or leasing is exactly the same, and we’re here to support you through it.

Where is my Commercial Property Listed?

We list your property on both the major real estate websites for commercial properties in Australia – realcommercial.com.au, and commercialrealestate.com.au. These are Domain and Realestate.com.au’s Commercial property portals.

Do I need a Contract of Sale Before Listing?

Whether you need to have a pre-prepared contract of sale before listing, simply depends on your state. NSW and ACT sellers are required by law to have a contract of sale ready, prior to listing. SA sellers will have to have the section 32 form filled out prior to listing also. It’s a great idea for sellers in any state to be as prepared as possible for a potential sale. We recommend having a solicitor/conveyancer ready and where able, pre-prepared forms. Please feel free to speak to our staff if you’re unsure on what process is required for your state.

Our Local Agent says We Need Him to Sell

Your local agent wants you to list with him, to earn a big chunk of commission. There is no evidence to support the claim that agents are the only people who can sell a property, in fact, there is so much evidence to support otherwise. We have hundreds of successful sales and reviews from Australian’s, just like you, who have taken their sale back into their own hands, and saved a lot of dollars in the process. What’s more is that Private Sellers usually make more on the sale of their property and can often find it easier to sell.

Can I List with an Agent as well as PropertyNow?

Absolutely! It’s important to understand agency agreements to understand how you can list with multiple agencies. Traditional agents will want you to sign an exclusive contract; with an exclusive contract, you cannot list with us or any other agency throughout the term of that contract, as the agent you’ve signed with has an exclusive right to the sale and commission. We recommend discussing an open or sole agency agreement, reading through your contract carefully and ensuring you retain your right to sell privately, while also giving them an opportunity to make the sale. As always, our staff are knowledgeable and

What if it Takes Longer to Sell?

It doesn’t matter if it takes you two weeks or two years to sell your home. Your listing with us is guaranteed until sold. If you’re finding things difficult, please get in touch with us. We understand there are many variables which can impact sale time and our team is ready to help you gain further insights and come up with ideas that might help move your property quicker.

Can I Make Changes to my Listing for Free?

Yes! We never charge you to update your listing and you can do this yourself, without needing to contact us. You can make changes within your account 24 hours, 7 days a week. Once saved, changes will feed over to all portals automatically within 1-3 hours.

Is my Phone Number Listed Online?

No, unfortunately not – but let us explain. To list you on third party websites, such as Realestate.com.au we need to adhere to that sites own terms of services. At this time, it is explicitly against the Terms of Service of Realestate.com.au to include a private sellers phone number or in fact, any reference to private selling. Your listing will however, carry the PropertyNow logo and PropertyNow contact details, ensuring there’s no problem with enquirers reaching you. Our promise to you is that as soon as Realestate.com.au allow us to place your number in the ad, we would be more

I Don’t Want my Phone Number Given Out

Not a problem. Our staff can arrange to have your contact number removed from our own site and ensure email contact is only available to enquirers. We don’t recommend this option as there is potential for missed enquiry, however, we understand this may be a requirement for some sellers/lessors for personal, privacy reasons. While we can list you without a phone contact, you must have an email address available for enquiries. Please ensure you contact our staff personally if this is a requirement, or input a note on your listing in the comments section.

I’m Not Sure how to Price my Property?

Not a problem, we’re here to help! Our friendly staff can arrange some free reports for you which will include a valuation guideline. We always recommend doing some market research, see what’s currently for sale in your area and at what price, along with what’s been sold in the last 1-6 months. This will give you a better understanding of the current market, along with how to price your property to sell.

Can You Write my Property Description For Me?

Sure! We have a professional copywriter on hand, should you feel you can’t find the right words to properly present your property. Our copywriting service is an addon and is available for a fee of $100. This can be ordered under ‘addons’ when completing your listing.

How Many Images are Allowed?

PropertyNow don’t limit your images. Realestate.com.au, Domain and other websites do have a maximum limit, however. Our site mimics their personal limit, allowing up to 36 Photos and 2 Floorplans.

Will PropertyNow Answer Questions about my Property from Enquirers?

Absolutely not. We don’t know your home, you do. Aside from the legal repercussions, we could also lose our real estate license, as we are simply marketing and not selling your property. Our staff will ensure that if anyone gets in touch with us directly about your property, that they are directed straight back to you – you’ll always know what’s happening with the sale or leasing of your own home.

Agents are Calling, What do I say?

It’s not uncommon to get calls from agents. However, there are ways to ensure they don’t cold-call you again. There are privacy laws which traditional agents need to adhere to. We recommend obtaining their contact details and informing them that you are not to be called again, and you will be reporting the phone call also. If an agent is particularly bothersome, you can report them to the privacy commission as a personal privacy breach; it is illegal to continue to make contact with private sellers against their wishes. Please get in touch with us if you find yourself in

Can I Remove my Listing Temporarily?

For sale listings can be paused at any time. You’ll find a ‘pause’ button within your account for this purpose. Simply press this and follow the prompts. Rental listings can be paused under some special circumstances, please contact our staff if you should need to pause your rental listing.

How do I Mark as Under Contract/Offer, Sold or Leased?

The process is easy, you’ll find these buttons available on your dashboard when logged in. – When marking as under contract/offer you can unmark the property with the same button should something change, and your listing will be shown as a regular sale again. – When marking as Sold, the listing will come down from the For Sale section on all portals. – When marking as Leased, the same occurs. With rental properties, there is a ‘keep a copy’ option. You’ll be presented with this choice when clicking the leased button, and a copy will be saved in your account