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Your For Sale By Owner Checklist

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7 steps to a smooth and successful closure

Once your property’s under contract, you’ll need to start preparing for closure and handover to the new owner. There are several important things you’ll want to do to make sure everything happens smoothly – there are also a few things you’re obligated to do as seller.

Your For Sale by Owner Checklist for a smooth closure

1. Gather your closing documents

At this point, your buyer should already have copies of all sales documentation, but you may need to gather other documents, such as proof of payment for rates or council bills so your buyer knows these have been paid.

During negotiations, you may also have agreed to make repairs to your property and you’ll also need to provide proof these works have been carried out.

2. Notify service providers you’re moving 

The last thing you need on top of all the stress of selling, is for important mail and documents to get lost once you move. Make a list of all the people and businesses you need to notify of your moving date and new address so that mail is forwarded accordingly.

3. Find manuals, receipts and warranties for appliances

In most cases, buyers purchase your home and appliances as a bundle. So, it’s helpful for them to have the documentation for these appliances so they have model numbers and warranties at hand in the event of any faults once they move in.

4. Cancel utilities

If you don’t let your utility providers know you’re moving, they’ll keep charging you even after the new owners have moved in. The most common utilities include internet, phone, electricity, water and gas. Most utility companies can turn services off in as little as 48 hours, but ideally you should try to give them a couple of weeks’ notice to avoid unnecessary costs. It’s worth keeping your utilities connected for at least 2 days after you move out, so you have access to water and power in case you need to come back to clean or make repairs.

5. Do a thorough clean

As a courtesy to the new owners of your property, you want to leave it as clean as possible for them. This creates a good rapport between you in case any issues arise after handover. You can hire a professional cleaning company or take this responsibility on yourself if you have the time.

6. Cancel building and contents insurance

You’ll want to cancel your insurance as soon as you move out to avoid wasted outgoing expenses. Quite often, people end up taking out insurance on their next property before their existing policy ceases because they want the security for both properties. Your service provider should offer you a refund for any unused portion of your premium (if you prepaid it).

7. Offer a final walk through with your buyer

It’s often helpful for buyers to have a final walk through of your property with you prior to handing over the keys. This gives you a chance to hand them all remotes, keys etc. and a chance for them to get any last-minute instructions about your property.

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