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5 Photography Home-Staging Tips To Help Sell Your Home

One of the keys to setting your home apart from others on the property market in this digital age, is beautiful, crisp and clean photography, that ensures your property looks bright, vibrant and attractive for buyers searching online. Here are a few simple home-staging photography planning tips...

16 million Aussies actively use Facebook – but does that mean it’s a good place to sell real estate?

According to social media news, almost 7 in 10 Aussies now use Facebook, 1 in 5 use Instagram and 1 in 6, Snapchat. And that’s just a handful of social media networks. With so many Aussies actively engaged across social media, what does it mean for property sellers? Can social media be used to help sell real estate? In short, yes. But the key part of the message is help sell real estate. Not necessarily sell it. Here’s why:

Buyers aren’t looking for real estate on social media.

The issue isn’t the capability of social media to advertise property, it’s that buyers aren’t necessarily looking there. While over 80% of property searches begin online, the bulk of these are through real estate portals like and Domain. Given this, make sure that you're listed where it counts first - if you're a private seller, PropertyNow can help with this.

Its usefulness depends on your target audience. 

According to last year’s Sensis Social Media Report, 18-29 year olds are the heaviest users, with 75% using social media at least once a day. This drops to 20%, however, when you’re looking at the 65+ age group. So if you’re the owner of a retirement home, for instance, social media probably isn’t your best avenue for targeting buyers. 

But it is a great tool to drive traffic to your domain portal.

Social media is visual, interactive and – the key part – viral. With an intriguing image and message, you can stimulate interest and sharing. News travels fast across social media. People want to share with their friends things they believe are of value to them. So if they know someone looking to buy and your house fits the description, they’ll likely bring it to their attention.  

It’s personal.

Social media allows you to make an intimate connection with people. As the owner of the property you’re selling, you can offer a unique point of view that buyers may prefer over standard property descriptions. You also have the opportunity to answer buyers’ questions directly - which may suit some more than others depending how much you want to be involved. 

It’s cheaper than traditional forms of advertising. 

Print campaigns and billboards are expensive. If you can get your post to go viral on social media, it’s completely free. With access to so many buyers online, you could use a combination of social media marketing and a listing on - and save thousands. 

But you need a strategy. 

Without a strategy, you’re unlikely to create interest. You need to appeal to the right audience. Who’s likely to be interested in your property? Which social media channels are they using most? What is it about your property that appeals? How can you grab their attention? It’s about understanding the different channels of social media and how to use them effectively for marketing. 

Ever used social media to sell a property? We’d love to hear your story – leave us a comment