Should I display my address?


If you’re watching this video, you’re probably wondering about whether you should display your address. The quick answer is that you should and here are 3 good reasons why:

  1. It sends a bad message. Not displaying your street address sends potential buyers a message that you have something to hide. They may decide not to enquire, figuring that your property is probably located in a bad area.
  2. It discourages buyers. Hiding the street address also makes it harder for buyers to find and view your property, which is the opposite of what you want.
  3. Buyers might get the wrong impression. There’s yet another downside. The automatically generated map on your listing will show an entire suburb view, and the centrepoint of that view may well be in a much less desirable location than your home actually (such as on a main road).


One school of thought is that hiding your address results in more enquiries because buyers will want to know where your property is. The idea here is you’ll pique the buyers interest and convert them into a solid lead. 

This practise is more suited to a real estate agency because they have numerous listings the buyer might be interested in. 

But that’s not much help to private sellers. Even if you do get more enquiries, they’re useless to you if the buyer isn’t interested in your street. More importantly, hiding the street address irritates buyers and really doesn’t help get the process started off on the right foot.

Many people are concerned about displaying their address. They worry people will just show up and expect to inspect the property on the spot. 

This is extremely rare, particularly if you market your property professionally and they have no idea it’s a private sale.

The only time you shouldn’t display your property’s address is if is there are special circumstances involving your personal safety, as this always needs to be paramount.

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