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Earlier this year a report by CoreLogic stated the time taken to sell a house in Australia varies between 29 days in property hotspot, Sydney, through to 86 days in places such as Darwin. With the average property more likely to settle around the 65-day mark nationwide, most potential sellers will be keen to slash this figure and secure the fastest sale possible. Here’s a compilation of our top tips to ensure you enjoy a swift transaction when it selling your home.

First impressions count

It’s no secret there’s no second chance at first impressions. This means ensuring the exterior of your home, along with any gardens, driveways, carports etc are sparkling clean and inviting. Spruce up your curbside appeal by making sure your lawn is always neatly trimmed, the gardens are not overgrown, and there’s no rubbish or clutter stockpiling outdoors. By making an impressive first impression, you’re more likely to lure in potential parties who like to do a drive-by before committing to an inspection. If buyers like what they see, they will be compelled to visit an open home.

Small upgrades make a big impact

From replacing old-fashioned kitchen cabinet handles or tapware in the bathroom to a fresh coat of paint or installing new appliances, these small changes can have a dramatic impact. Paint, in particular, is the most powerful renovation tool at your disposal. There’s no better way to freshen up a tired interior or to modernise a dated colour scheme than with a lick of paint. Whatever you choose to do, be careful not to overcapitalise – there is never any guarantee that just because you spent $25,000 remodelling your entire bathroom you’ll reap this money back in extra sales profits. As a guide, think repair, not renovation, when it comes to preparing to sell your home. You’ll have less of a fix-upper and more of a show-stopper in no time, and at half the cash outlay.

Clear the clutter and spring clean

You want your home to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. This means turning it into a blank canvas which allows potential buyers the chance to insert themselves and their lives into your home. It’s impossible to do this if your home is drowning in clutter. Make the most of this opportunity to cull and enjoy a cathartic clean out. This will also mean shedding a lot of personal items from display. Make sure you remove excess photos, trinkets, collectables and more which will be of no appeal to a potential buyer. Don’t forget the fridge – remove all notes, pictures, fridge magnets and the like so it allows for a crisp, clean and neutral appearance in the heart of the home. Above all, you need to have undertaken a spring clean to ensure your home is polished and presentable. Living with dust on mantles or dirty windows is fine in day-to-day life but when you are trying to attract attention to your home and make people fall in love with it, you want everything to be as pristine as possible. Yes, you might even need to give the cupboards and linen press the once over as well as interested buyers will be looking at every inch of your home to see if it’s going to meet their needs.

Up the style stakes

While you don’t need to go overboard and arrange professional home staging, ensure what you do have in your home is working in your favour. If a room is overcrowded with furniture, move a piece or two out so the room is given more of a sense of space. Some people even hire storage units to house these items while their home is on the market. Do your best to ensure any tatty, old or musty household items have been banished from view and make sure you have fresh flowers in the house each time you have a viewing. Why not roast coffee beans to allow a pleasant aroma to filter through?

Embrace social media

Promoting your home for sale no longer is limited to the traditional real estate classifieds in a newspaper, or even just online. Take control of the advertising and expand it into as many avenues as possible. This means embracing the digital age and creating a social media campaign which encompasses as many avenues as possible.

Be flexible

Sometimes you will not get much notice to show your home to a prospective buyer. Annoying or inconveniencing as this might be, you must be flexible. Making it difficult for people to view your home will not help you make a swift sale, so always accommodate open home requests as best you can. If you have undertaken a style and declutter, it won’t take too much to ensure your home is almost always open home ready. Yes, you do still have to live there but if you have two bathrooms, why not keep only one in service so you always have one looking pristine and clean? 

Professional presentation

Hiring professionals to help showcase your home in its most favourable aspect in your marketing materials is also important. A professional photographer will expertly capture your property in its best light, while a copywriter can create a compelling narrative to accompany the images and emotionally entice more potential buyers to arrange an inspection.

Price it to meet the market

Momentum is everything in real estate – don’t risk your listing growing stale by pricing it incorrectly. Undertake a comparative market analysis by seeing what similar properties are selling for in your area and also what they’ve recently sold at. Price it too high and you will have a lengthy sales process to endure, but price the property realistically - to meet market expectations - and you’ll be sure to gain instant traction and a swift sale.

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