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Before advertising your property, you'll want to make sure it's presented in its best possible light. There are many aspects of doing this, including home staging and professional photography, but before doing these you should ensure that your property is spick and span. Although you can do all cleaning yourself, you may also wish to engage a professional cleaner to do so. If you choose to do this, try to find a cleaner who specializes in or has experience with end of lease cleaning for rental properties. Either way, use the handy checklist below as a guide of what cleaning should be attended to. 

Whole of house

  • Vacuum entire house
  • Mop and/or scrub all uncarpeted floors
  • Wash windows and flyscreens
  • Remove cobwebs throughout
  • Remove and wash all light fittings, replacing any broken globes
  • Remove dust, dirt, and marks from windows and blinds
  • Wipe down walls, fans, smoke alarms, and air conditioning units
  • Remove any old bits of tape, blue tack, or thumb tacks on walls
  • Wipe down all window sills, skirting boards, and door and window tracks
  • Polish mirrors until mark and streak free

Kitchen and Bathroom

  • Clean and disinfect all surfaces of shower, laundry, kitchen, and toilet
  • Scrub and remove any mould with mould cleaner
  • Wipe down inside and outside of all cupboards
  • Deep clean oven with oven cleaner
  • If you have a dishwasher, buy and run a cleaning rinse for it to make it shine
  • Wash stove top with a non-scratch sponge removing any baked on food
  • Use mould cleaner or bleach to brighten drains and grout

External Areas and Gardens.

  • Remove all rubbish and tidy any toys
  • Mow and edge the lawn, consider doing your neighbours too! Your neighbouring homes affect your value as well.
  • Remove any weeds and cut back overgrown plans and trees.
  • Rake any leaves
  • Plant some vibrant new flowers or shrubs.
  • Mulch the garden.
  • Clean those marks off the driveway.
  • Oil the noisy gate in your yard as well as the squeaking door hinges inside.
  • Remove any cobwebs in corners and clean out light fixtures
  • Sweep out garages/carports, patios, and pathways
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